Second week reward!

Brave Spirit holders! Second week of your journey are coming to an end! You become stronger and mightier! We’d like to encourage your efforts and grant you with another pack of useful gifts! Check your in-game mail and catch resources! Thank you for staying with us!

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Stay online and get reward!

Brave spirit holders! Did you know you’re able to get some great rewards just for staying in the game? With no single monster die! Best offer for peacemakers! Feel intrigued? We think, most of you already noticed two great in-game features: 7-Day Packand Online Rewards. These features gives you a bunch of useful items, that you need […]

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First week reward!

Brave Spirit holders! First week of your journey is passed! And there’s still a lot to learn about the world of Rakshasa! Are you ready for further exciting adventures? We’d like to give you some gifts for your first brave steps in the game! Check your in-game mail and collect useful resources! Thank you for staying with us!

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Another way to become stronger!

Hello, friends! What’s your progress? Do you feel fine and comfortable in the game? We believe you’re doing well! But even if you pass all the dungeons smoothly and defeat your enemies with no difficulties, there’s still something more! Have you ever know, that you can improve your battle performance significantly in just one click? Did […]

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Introducing Hall of Wealth!

Brave spirit holders! Try the new feature — Hall of Wealth! It will defiitely make your path in the game more comfortable. Obtain a lot of gifts every day and become stronger and mightier! Get a special rewards for combat power raising and level-ups! Visit game Forum to find detailed guide on this feature.

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