Merry Christmas!

Dear players, Merry Christmas!

In game has launched a special event – Cold Heart Blessing!

During 5 days collect snowballs, complete special tasks and get valuable rewards!

The spirit of Christmas unites all players and therefore, completing tasks with friends on the server you have the chance to get a unique hero – Yan Chujiang Integrator!

Event is triggered by an icon

Also you are waiting for a special event – Festival Hotspot!

In this event you have to make Recharge and Spending Ingots. This will provide valuable resources for pumping your character and recruits. This time we have prepared special rewards for you.

You can get fragments of two new recruits class SR!

We present you Sun ce and Da ji ^_^






“Extremely dangerous”













“Deadly beautiful”















These warriors will strengthen your squad and diversify battle tactics.

For new players we also prepared a new event – the Grade Fund

Invest and get return B-bars with increasing levels.

Event is triggered by an icon

May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white!

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