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      ➔➠➔➠ DOWNLOAD: STREAM X-Men: Apocalypse ⟸⇐⟸⇐



      jennifer lawrence can’t act…. she just cant

      this is the best love triangle movie of the year,I might cry….

      The music when jean takes her first steps off the floor of the building and you realize she’s walking on thin air…I know it’s coming but it just makes my heart race every time. I honestly think this scene is a masterpiece..

      Just end this movie universe already. Let marvel studios do its job

      Quicksilver When you try to troll a default but it was actually a Pro
      the only plot on this movie is cap unfriended iron man on facebook thats it

      GEt To the ChAppaAA 1:22

      X-men Apocalypse makes X-men The Last Stand look like a classic movie
      Reminds me of when gohqn went ssj2 vs cell for the first time
      I don’t like the way Bucky looks in this he was mysterious, and a bad ass in winter soldier, but we got black panther now in that spot. Let’s go!!!!.
      Really shows how powerful Apocalypse is as it took the combined strength of Magneto, Cyclops, Storm, and the Phoenix Force to take him down.
      BvS Trailers got more views than any Civil War’s. But Marvel fanboys said this is more hyped. But that’s none of my business.
      Sorry but spoiler alert Plot wise, it seems that when the movie begins the X-Men are now viewed as heroes by the public, similar to that of the Avengers, and as such they are recruited to save a group of astronauts in peril. It is during this mission that a) we get a slow-motion Quicksilver running screen as he and Nightcrawler rescue the astronauts, and b) Jean Grey is hit by cosmic waves, which ultimately results in her transformation into the Phoenix..

      the main bad guy was kinda lame but everything else was awesome as usual

      good scene, but am I the only one that thinks that Apoc could’ve given more of a fight ?
      I really think that in Infinity wars part 2, Next to thor, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier and Deadpool are the only 3 characters that come to mind that would have a chance of standing equally against Thanos Thor nearly killed Thanos, his axe just hit too low (His heart) stated by thanos himself Jean grey is the strongest mutant known in the Xmen universe. She literally killed Apocalypse whom has absorbed his own kind for centuries to gain more power. Hopefully after we can see her use her powers of that magnitude against Thanos Charles Xavier is the worlds strongest telepath, though Thanos has telepathy, he’s not nearly as strong as Charles. Since they don’t have Mantis anymore. Charles could really be of help to them Deadpool already has beef with Thanos anyway, so he could really do some damage to him Just my opinion really. But it would be really interesting to see happen.
      This movie was garbage….Barely any fights, only the end and it wasn’t even good

      I’m looking forward to the new movie in June. Even in this scene, you can see the effects don’t just feel like effects like the effects in that Captain Marvel trailer. They feel organic. This power really seems to be coming out of Jean… not just something they added in post. That gives her screen presence more weight. Captain Marvel is acting so much like a mannequin, she never has screen presence, even with all of those effects. I’m sick of hearing those fanatics trash these movies for not being PERFECT adaptations when they’re the only comic book movie series respecting these fundamentals of storytelling on film..

      fatality…..jean wins

      the trailer was awsome so was the movie .


      BC…E… smh People still clinging to that stupid abbreviation for an unnecessary alteration to something that’s worked for centuries? What a glad day it will be when political correctness is finally stamped out for the plague that it is..

      It is a shame most of the character designs, aside from Quicksilver and Magneto, look absolutely atrocious in these movies.
      If quicksilver use knives or sword without punching.. Lol
      I mean, Jean is a fucking badass, she literally killed one of the strongest villains in the X-Men universe! Since Disney is currently in the process of buying 20th Century Fox, we might see her fight with the Avengers against Thanos!.
      She should join the infinity war and face thanos.
      why dont they make iron man vs batman both r technology mans :)
      Why don’t they just call this Avengers: Civil War
      he is my friend so was i…..? this might b d saddest capt america movie…? :(
      Jeans moment was kinda corny tbh,a lil bit cringe too.
      Something I just realized about Apocalypse: He’s really good at outsourcing.
      Civil War Spoiler Lee surrenders Lincoln gets assassinated

      This quicksilver was the best…!!!
      I purchased HD an I can only watch at 480p? COME ON!
      Oh and put thanos in it just like Stan lee did to infinity war I’d like to see him take power
      why does professor xavier eyes turns all black during in the cerebro??
      Imagine apocalypse increasing quicksilvers powers

      He did know that Jean got a devil inside
      Sophie Turner is no way as effective as famke janssen for Jean grey portrayal. Especially how horrendous Jennifer Lawrence looks as mystique.
      Xmen without logan ? boring
      q dó do Mercúrio mano
      Jean Grey really is so bland in this X-Men, they should get a better actor and better script. The way she just unleashes her power is just lazy writting..
      Civil war is the best movie after winter soldier
      The sound FX when she releases her energy, that explosion type noise… as the wings appear just as she starts screaming. Sounds brilliant, amazing scene.
      Sabah nur vs Thanos
      They should’ve had me in this movie
      Still better than the Avengers


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