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      04.02.2019 at 11:25 #2820

      ➞➛ DOWNLOAD& STREAM Little Crusader ◀⇦

      This is what the Game of Thrones game should’ve been…
      0:49 why was that so hot?
      I know it’s an old comment but: 7% is nothing, i had 5% chance to get wounded and i got it, TWICE IN A ROW IN TOW DIFFERENT OCCASIONS, i swear this game likes to troll you ;).
      Not bad, but I thought he was a lone wolf

      Fantastic game! But … we still need one more deadly sin movie. Pretty please? :3
      its 1 video and its boring song
      Very Very Very well done…cant wait to see the whole thing
      yeah i know. i was debating to take them off or leave em on. but ill be getting contacs soon :P
      … True political intrigue? Game of Thrones mod? I… fuck it, I’m sold. :|

      Looks horrible. I like Jamie Foxx and Taron Egerton…but putting black actors in European medieval folklore is pretty racist. It’s literally the same as having white guys play biblical Jews. Stop doing this Hollywood..

      I’m sorry, there was a Westeros mod for this in another video.

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