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      06.02.2019 at 02:55 #3401

      WATCH White Girl


      Eva Green looked so out of place in this movie…she’s spooky looking, sounded like a crow…acted awkwardly… and is her character supposed to be English?.

      Shailene u r so lucky gurl Ansel Elgort Theo James Miles Teller Shiloh Fernández omg

      the movie was not good
      Gracias por subiiirlaaaaaaa 😍 podrían subir Gia Carangi¿.. Por faaaaaaa❤️
      at this point we’ve seen shailene lose her virginity in so many movies…
      LMFAO the ending though!!! Hahahaha was totally not expecting that. Good movie, not the best and maybe it’s slow paced and boring to some people but I liked it and I like surprises hahahahaha (the ending).

      Besides woodley looking hot again… This movie looks stupid.

      shailene woodely is absolutely stunning.



      I got gud score in IELTS exam so I m going to Canada next year anyone need relationship contact me💗😍.

      30:15 estuvo muy bueno😏

      Disgusting.. i nearly vomited

      bird bird bird bird,bird is the word

      The Fault in our Mothers
      I heard a rumor that next year there will be a MTV movie award for best actor in a Shailene Woodley film.
      What’s the background music in 0:10 ??? Please guyss
      Two of my favorite actresses in the same movie i must see this one.
      A must watch movie..👏🏾👏🏾 HUGE plot twist..🙊

      So no one mentions the great Angela Basset as the therapist ?! Smh…..On a different note why does Eva Green always play the most crazy characters?
      Eva Green melts the screen Truer words have never been spoken.


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