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      ➙➜➙ STREAM^ DOWNLOAD Where to Invade Next ◀◀⇐


      Schon wieder dieser linksextreme Spinner…

      abgedrehtester amerika-kritiker aller zeiten

      all americans should watch this and then they realize how terrible their country is

      Where to Invade Next

      In his new film, does he even mention that 9/11 was a Zionist conspired false flag attack, and that the Patriot Act, and the illegal wars of aggression including the push for war with Iran are also Zionist conspired and AIPAC led? If not, he’s being a disengenuous shill and a rebel-rousing tool for the Zionist owned and controlled Hollywood studios..

      Is that GWB Jr that claims that abstinence works ?

      Hi David, As well as hopefully interviewing Cate Blanchett, for her performances in ‘Carol’ and ‘Truth’, I’d like to express my interest in whether you may also be able to interview Samuel L. Jackson for his performances in ‘Chiraq’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’. Thank you..

      lmao this is gonna be good. can anyone tell me the name of the first song? I can’t remember where it’s from…..

      Alter, der wird 100 pro echt nice. 😉 😂

      oh look the Creep tried to make another movie !

      How can an individual help prevent and/or help communities such as Flint, Mi be heard by others! Flint similar to Dr. Suez Horton hears Hoot

      18:36 name of movie seems comedy من يعرف اسم الفيلم
      Why does America have to always reinvent the wheel!!!! Why can’t we see how other countries do things and borrow from them. I want Michael Moore to be the richest man in the United States. I know that he doesn’t necessarily want that but I think that he deserves it. I lived in Germany with my husband for 28 years and I got to see how Europeans live and it was a life-changing experience for me. My husband and I were in Berlin when the wall fell and we were chiseling at the wall also. I wanted my family to experience Europe as well but they refused to visit even when I offered to pay for their plane tickets. American; go figure!.
      اليهود ذالينهم ذل 56:00
      Tupac said like that before am like a doctor and thug life means to put my hand on the disease.
      MM is a Zionist, they love to play the left / right dog and pony show!!
      Michael Moore sucks. end of story
      I just saw Where to Invade Next and it’s his best yet.

      Health care is only free to people who live in that country. It’s not free to vacationers from other countries. Moore is just a huge liar.
      I am only half way through this movie, and I am crying. We have lost so much in the United States, and we are quickly losing what we have left. My God, what can we do? So many homeless people in the USA would happily live in the little apartments in the big prison in Norway. This is very sad. I have spent the last two years working in Tunisia, and I can say that this is a modern and lovely country. There remain problems here, but it is very safe, and there are beautiful beaches and lovely museums. Thank you, Michael Moore for including this little North African country in your important documentary. I hope we can find our way back to our own America, and not MAGA..

      Before Michael Moore became a complete shill for the establishment.

      Was fuern unnötiger Film. .
      You should probably invade the gym, Michael.
      Giant double chin!
      when did Michael Moore become an old woman
      It is unlikely I will be able to see the movie in a theater because the closest one is 80 miles away. I do not go to the movies anymore because of the shootings, but I would go and risk it for Michael’s movie. Why is it not playing in Tennessee?.

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