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      Yes Chef Sergeant!
      There is something very WROOONG with us!   Bill Murray’s character in Stripes.  The Enigma machine, U boats, commando raids and a tax on movies with more than three non British actors.  Somehow people have got the idea the capture of U 110’s cypher machine was the be all and end all to breaking German traffic. It wasn’t.   One of the three Royal Navy destroyers that depth charged U 110 was the HMS Broadway, formally the USS Hunt, one of the obsolete ships acquired in the Destroyers for Bases Agreement.  Two months before U 110 was captured the Royal Navy began a series of commando raids to capture cypher equipment and documents from weather ships, fishing boats and coastal installations.  Just a few months after U 110 was sunk, U 570 was captured by the by RAF Coastal Command flying a Lockheed Hudson.  Almost all of the aircraft and warships involved in this action were made in the USA.  There is some debate about how much and what type cypher equipment was collected.    By the time the US Navy captured U 505 on June 4 1944 it was more important to conceal that fact than it was to have another Enigma, but everything collected was at Bletchley Park by 20 June.  How a war movie about an actual US operation went over in Britain:  Even though it was based on the exploits of Merrill’s Marauders (six month operation), Objective, Burma (1945, starring Australian Errol Flynn) was withdrawn from release in the United Kingdom after it infuriated British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and drew protests about the Americanization of an almost entirely British, Indian, and Commonwealth conflict.      A British tax on the America’s causes  trouble, again.    The Eady Levy was a tax on box office receipts (for non British made films) in the United Kingdom, intended to support the British film industry and named after Sir Wilfred Eady.   To qualify as a British film a minimum of 85% of the film had to be shot in the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth, and only three non-British individual salaries could be excluded from the costs of the film, ensuring the employment of British actors, technicians and film crew.   The Great Escape did not meet the Eady Levy requirements.   
      @SiSTARAUHL chirp down bushy 
      Definitely an under rated movie.
      Those 10 people who didn’t like this video clearly have issues ! Why on earth would you hit that button ?
      @pimp3d0utNUKEMAN132 I would say it too – may not be historically accurate, but it sure is entertaining!
      This is my real job. Not joking. -So others may live
      This is my favourite movie of all time! The ending was just killer! I think I finished an entire box of tissues…. 

      This is one of the worst and historically most inaccurate and unrealistic depiction of a well-known chapter of WW II. Firstly, the Enigma was not captured by the Americans but by a British warship after the latter encountered and disabled the U 571. The fact that the machine fell into enemy hands was solely due to the carelessness of the submarine’s crew who, in the chaos and panic of surfacing and surrendering, failed to destroy it. There never was a heroic, commando raid launched on any German sub during the War. That’s all Hollywood b/s. Then, how about the scene taking on the German destroyer? A hit from the stern torpedo tube on the BOW of the enemy ship in pursuit? Do you know any sailors out there? Ask to tell you what is the probability for such a hit. Also, what is a solitary German destroyer doing in the middle of the Atlantic? It would’ve have been blown out of the water long ago by the overwhelming Allied air superiority over the Atlantic during pretty much the entire course of the War. One of the reasons the Germans opted for a heavy U-boat arm was precisely the fact that they knew they could not launch large-scale surface fleet operations. The invasion of Norway alone , a comparatively close-range operation, and one of short duration, cost the Griegmarine 16 destroyers in a total force of 44. The invention of the radar allowed night detection by the Allies which meant that from 1943 anything that floated bearing the German flag was blown to smithereens day or night, 24-7, 365 days a year. The top rated cast delivers excellent performances but, as has happened many times, their talent and skill is sacrificed to a mediocre, at best, script..

      So did the Captain died? Or he just got knocked out?

      Film classic!Very reality!The best frends,the best men,the best heroes!.

      Anyone else see that Newman from baywatch was training Ashton at the beach!?!?!?!? Newman was one of the few actual lifeguards on baywatch..

      В однокласниках в отличном качестве и бесплатно

      This movie is so gay, for one the nazis were so much more bad ass than what they make them seem in this movie. That fact alone makes this movie cheesy, the nazis brought us down to our knees and almost won the war, in spite of fighting numerous power countries all at the same time. There is no way these stupid soldiers could just swim up to a u boat and kill the whole nazi crew with no problem..

      I almost cried while watching this movie T_T Never get tired of re-watching, one of my fave movies! ;)

      I sure hope Saving Private Ryan is one of the 1%…



      Cool story except it was based on a British operation, not American.

      still watching here…one of the best movei ever….from philippines….but i work in israel…. lov this movei so much….july 3 2017

      My pupil, my trainee is in trouble. You will be damn sure i am going back out to help him

      this is a job 
      Wheres the Lusitana
      this movie has subtitles?
      no shit! really ?!
      I like this movie because Ashton Kutcher was perfectly cast for it. I remember reading about when they were filming this movie they trained with actual coast guard rescue swimmers. They were impressed with Kutcher’s ability in the water. He grew up swimming and they said he could have easily passed the training school had he ever applied..
      One of the best movies I have ever seen.
      Eternal sunshine of the mind
      Snow Patrol’s – Run in the background

      this is the beastest movie ever made only i would say that
      You want me to pay to rent this movie and you can not even upload a HD trailer for it? No Way!
      good movie but its historic references are inaccurate and it is a copy off of DAS BOOT
      Excelente filme!!
      Can you watch these movies on YouTube ?
      This is mt favorite movie !
      Huricane masterland coast guard
      Watched this movie yesterday & LOVED IT(:
      The movie was released on the same year as Open Season, also starring Ashton Kutcher.
      If you want to know about these fellas, true life bad asses, read The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger.
      The part where the Helicopter crashed was the saddest part for me SPOILER Where the little boy suck down with the Helicopter😢😭
      Pretty cool coast guard does some cool stuff I’ve always said this even being a Marine !!
      Who was the Olympic swimmer?

      What is it with Keving Costner always getting in trouble with water. The Guardian, The Perfect Storm, and Water World?

      Thanks for the upload. I don’t want to be that guy but as cool as this scene is, I don’t think this level of indiscipline would be possible. Refusing an order like that in those conditions goes against everything that is taught in the military, it’s like the number one thing not to do. Superiors and orders are there for a reason..

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