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      Have you ever know, that you can improve your battle performance significantly in just one click? Did you mention the «Buy» button in the left-top of the game screen? Different amount of ingots are available there. You can buy packs from 200 to 37 500 pieces and use them to buy a lot of different in-game resources and improvements.

      But what if you’re willing to pay only 5 dollars? There’re still a lot of rewards available for you! From this guide you will learn what benefits you can get with only 4.99$.

      In general, you can obtain most benefits by completing different achievements, which provide you with reward just for making a purchase. For $4.99 you get 200 ingots. Let’s see what you can get for it!

      1. First recharge

      Well, if you pay first time you get a special reward for that. Get awesome Dragonscale Blade, a lot of Silver and other gifts just for making a purchase! Total value of the gifts you’ll get is 2888 ingots (10 times more that you’ve purchased).

      Reward: Dragonscale Blade (purple), Senior Summoning Amulet x5, 200K of Silver, Lv. 2 Gem Bag x5 and 100 Stamina potions.

      2. Daily Recharge

      To get more gifts every day you can pay on daily basis and get some additional benefits. The game will count your total amount of daily payments and you’ll get a chance to achieve much better rewards!

      Rewards for purchasing 200 Ingots: 50 Stamina potions, Lv. 1 Gem bag x4, 50K of Silver.

      3. Cumulative Recharge

      Another part of gifts can be obtained during the special server-opening event. You get gifts for certain amount of Ingots purchased. The more Ingots you purchase, the more benefits you get!

      Rewards for purchasing 100 Ingots: 100K of Silver, Lv.3 Gem Bag x5, Facecloth x50, 50 Stamina potions.
      Purchase more Ingots to get other gifts!

      4. Time-limit card

      Finally, you can spend 80 of Ingots you purchased and obtain daily gifts for 7 straight days. It’s available by purchasing Weekly card. Total value of your reward will cumulate to 560 Ingots!

      First activation: Title: Netherworld, Lv.3 Gem Bag x5, Senior Summoning Amulet x4 and 88 B-Ingots.
      Daily reward: 68 Ingots from the first day!

      Here are the total list of reward you can get for $4.99 (without Weekly card):
      Dragonscale Blade (purple),
      Senior Summoning Amulet x5,
      350K of Silver,
      Lv. 1 Gem Bag x4,
      Lv. 2 Gem Bag x5,
      Lv.3 Gem Bag x5,
      200 Stamina potions and Facecloth x50.

      And you still have your 200 Ingots to purchase some great benefits for your heroes!

      Have a wonderful journey on Rakshasa street!

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