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      ooohhh so this is the sequel to cloverfield?! didn’t know that.
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      I think, I like 10 Cloverfield Lane the most of this franchise. It is a pretty clever, effective, little thriller with strong performances. It feels almost like an intimate stage play with the limited space it tells it story and John Goodman was never so scary as in this movie. I can understand how some people disliked the ending. You watch a pretty intense thriller and then all of a sudden it changes the genre and turns out to be some kind of a sequel to a monster movie. I personally liked it very much. I think it was a pretty unique idea and innovative way to make a sequel or at least to tell another story in the same universe. I liked the first movie as well and I hope they will come back at some point with another big monster movie with alien monsters destroying shit. Maybe they don’t overuse the shaky cam in foundfootage style this time^^ However as much as I liked the first two films, I can’t tell the same for the third movie. Unfortunately, it just seems like a generic sci-fi thriller in space that we all have seen better done before. It wasn’t really scary, not really thrilling and the look wasn’t that great either. It was even boring at times, especially with the scenes on earth. It was confusing and the little plottwist at the end was weak. I like theorizing about movies, but I don’t like if a movie doesn’t have a meaning that hints in a certain direction and is just open up for anything. As Dead Pool director Tim Miller said once, if everything is possible than nothing really matters. You lose interest and don’t care anymore. The only good thing in this movie were the performances. I hope they can steer this franchise back on track. So far, I liked two third of the movies as much as the unique marketing. Let’s see what comes next….
      Cloverfield Lane is the only movie that worths the view i think.
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      or….the clouds are more like fog because way up in the sky the’re other clouds?
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      Top 10 star wars Stories from the books

      From Parallel universe
      I thought it was alright. Would be 10x better if it wasn’t for the overbearing music. Scenes that could be brilliant are completely ruined by excessive music
      Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
      The ending was the only thing interesting in the film. Because clover was in it. Everything else was sh*t. They’ve ruined this series again.
      The first movie was amazing

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      Watch Lore videos on the ARG Chris that thing falling in Cloverfield did not disturb the monster and the monster is cited as being an infant. I suggest watching Inside A Mind’s videos. 10 Cloverfield Lane and the first are easily tied. It is obvious you have not been following it’s ARG which is integral to the series.
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      Please upload a total movie explanation of 10 Cloverfield lane.

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      Отличный фильм. Хочу продолжения!)

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      Based on premise alone this could have been as god as intersteller. Experiment in space goes wrong, None of the equipment detects the earth or the sun or mars, but they look out a window and it’s there but not changing like it’s frozen, then weird things start happening do to dimensions overlapping. You could get really weird to, 3d humans won’t be able to make sense of dimensional collapses. You turn a corner and your in the universe where hitler won and the crew is nazis. Just cut it away from cloverfield. Even if they die, you don’t know if they are actually dead dead. God damn this premise SHOULD be amazing. How do you fuck this up. Hot damn it could totally be an interstellar sequel. Their multi planet humanity is having an energy crisis , coal is bad, and fusion is out of the question for reasons. Man I am pissed..
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      Whole Concept copied from Flash season 2
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      This isn’t mama, it’s the same clover, it’s been 20 years so it’s obviously grew bigger.
      I just saw it – 5/10 Too much pointless drama and unrealistic events. Characters had shitty motivation to do what they did..

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      Netflix The Earth… It’s gone… Me Did you try plugging it in?

      When I opened up Netflix it showed the commercial for paradox and it had the same two scenes with the explosion from paradox and cloverfield 1 one right after another and said “10 years ago something arrived, now find out why” sooo is it the same world or a different one? Because in cloverfield 1 there was no mention of running it of energy like in paradox..

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      Ultra Low

      This movie is boring as f%#*k! The german and russian crew members speak perfect english. Yet the entire crew speaks and understands chinese Yet the chinese crew member only speaks and understands chinese 😳? 😕! And what is the most beautiful female martial artist in my world today doing in one of the most cheeziest space flick’s i’ve seen yet?.

      Mind was blown at the end when you said overlord is connected.

      Is this the prequel before clover field and 10 clover field lane

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      Great Job , Aap Explain men bolte zyada Hain Aur Movie ka Trailer bahot kam dikhate Hain. phir bhi Thanks.


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      To be honest the first one was better, but this movie was spectacular! 😁🤗

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      cloverfield always was terribad right from the first one
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      I quite emjoyed the movie, I thought it was WAY better then 10 cloverfirled lane, Which IMO sucked
      Why does this keep ending up in y history when I didn’t watch it?
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      universos distinos, el que dijo esto, provocar caos clover paradox(origen de todos ) monstruos marinos( clover 2008) aliens( 2016) demonios( proxima entrega de un escuadron de la segunda guerra mundial contra. nazis zombis que son demonios).
      I just can’t wait to watch the fourth movie
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      I did not see the movie but if you look at the shoulders and head of the monster and then imagine going down to ground level, assuming this is actually the sky and not fog, then that is a very long and weird shaped monster poking straight up. It seems like its a couple hundred meters across and then 10+ km down (traditional flight altitude of airliners). It doesn’t seem realistic even in a physical/cgi sense..
      its on Netflix, what do you expect
      movie kinda looks like a somewhat rip off of Event Horizon


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