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      ➛→➝ STREAM Day of the Dead: Bloodline ⟸⬅⟵


      Happy birthday 🎉 🎉 party! Canange counts like that video.
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      In the memory of George Romero
      I saw this movie I saw it on Netflix
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      Watch Movie Day of the Dead: bloodline
      WAY better than the 2008 remake. Yeah a good portion of it takes place at night, but it still has a lot more of the main plot points of the original. There’s a military base trying to survive the outbreak, a jerk of a leader, scientist trying to work with the military. A zombie that’s smarter than the rest, and it actually gives a decent explanation as to why he’s smarter than the other zombies. Overall not terrible..
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      if this a video game you probably die in every mission
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      Wait if she was going to kill the little girl then why did the guy come in and killed the lady and just scream at the girl if he is not going to eat her
      Just give us L4D already.
      The main girl pissed me off and so did the little girl and the main girls boyfriend,but the only one who was actually right or I didnt hate,was the controlling-power obsessed brother and the big black guy..

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      Watch, Day & of, the, Dead:, Bloodline. full… movie, download. in! hindi… dubbed

      Day of. the. Dead:. Bloodline, Online, live online:. Will Meera, save & HDan – Stark, from… the, swarming, White & Walkers.

      You forgot one person, the main characters friend, she got eaten during that whole thing in the hospital or office party, it was a really gory death

      this made me wet

      Is this on Netflix? Lol

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      Shaun of the dead next?

      Watch Movie Day of the Dead: bloodlines

      AWFUL editing for a trailer. You can tell it’s a low budget. Maybe I should start editing and making trailers for a living.


      This movie sucks. So sad with Romero’s memory. U.u

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      Damn! I’ve never heard of it before. Sounds like a Zombie Movie! I fells like….. It’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY! If you wear Green will be pinch! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Carnage Counts!!!

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      Toy story 2 (1999) carnage count

      Day – of! the… Dead:. Bloodline. on, youtube
      I hated this movie…
      Download Day – of… the, Dead: Bloodline… HDQ. full

      Watch – Full – Length, Day… of… the Dead:, Bloodline
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      Who the hell was in charge of the sound for this trailer?
      Was there even a main character?
      Damn Chubb ads.
      Best. Place, to! Watch. Day. of. the Dead: – Bloodline. Online
      Wow this movie suckkkkkked so HARD!!!!! Spoiler Alert: DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
      simplemente una caca de película!!!

      I think the best to kill hordes of zombies is to used those Mini guns from the fallout games.
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      No ‘choke on them’ death scene, pfft, this remake was abysmal.
      Amazing video as always
      I’ve watched this its terrifying
      Why do you judge so much I know there are Terrible movies out there Why don’t u try make a movie and see how bad it turns out 😂😂
      This is nice
      It’s asome
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      I love the original Day of the Dead! This looks like it might be a good reimagining.

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      Hahahah those blood splashes on the camera, trash
      watch movie day of the dead: bloodline online
      Day of the dead 1985 is better
      Did that zombie just snaped the other ones neck? that used to be the guy that usedto harrass her right? i only watched the first 20 minutes of the film 😅😅😅
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      Good movie
      Looks good to me, just watch it for free online if you don’t like it. Peace out!
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      I have seen every dead movie from the original night to the remake of day and diary the only one I have not seen is the spin off staring the national guardsmen from diary I liked all of them but this one sucks and I don’t even need to watch it to know that half the people die in ways that can be easily avoided it’s just body count for the sake of body count granted I’m not against that I’m against people dying in ways that could be easily avoided like the air duct scene the guy could nay should have used the torch to bash the zombie’s head to a pulp and the stealth zombie thing is stupid running zombies make noise the only way they could be stealthy is if it was in a place with lots of other noises drowning them out like a battle for instance if it where a shambler I would understand because they are moving slow and thus don’t make a lot of noise unless it’s quiet enough to hear the blood dripping.
      I love zombies
      I peter te old one just my opinion


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