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      ➛➞➡ STREAM : DOWNLOAD Grease (40th Anniversary) ⇐⬅←


      no me gusta
      l woulda thought all dead except Travolta.

      this the best!!!
      At 2.39 on the right thats not Olivia Newton-John only on the left is Olivia Newton-John. Who is by the way amazing !! I am a singer, actrice myself now and she was really my inspiration growing up !!.
      Who’s the pretty girl standing by the door at the beginning?
      I love your movie an ur beautiful songs
      OMG, my name sake, wanna do this
      I remember being a young teenager and having to have the cool mom say it’s ok for us to see the movie. Of course my mother would of flipped out if she knew I saw it, we went so many times to see it. I like the drive in movie advertising with the hotdog jumping into the bun. Grease 2 was terrible it didn’t have the it that the original had!.
      Rip kenickie;(
      Am I the only one who hasn’t seen this
      John you are looking very sexy. Years have been good to you..
      Stockard channin too much surgery
      frenchie/didi conn had a big role in star trek ds9 as major kira
      Search up John Travlota «Hairspray» i promise you won’t regret

      Amazing one of the best movies ever
      Some of them have since passed away…
      John Travolta and Olivia newton-john makes a great job with Danny and Sandy. Danny x Sandy are best couple of Grease. 💜💜💜

      e top só tenho 12 anos mais gosto de assisti
      Grease ❤❤❤👌👍

      Where the cast ? 4 people I know Jeff died but where are all the rest.
      I know everyone grows older but no John looks nothing like what he used too
      When Sandy comes in at 1:29 you can see her hand raising the digitally removed cigarette… Looks weeeeeird. :/
      can’t wait to see this movie for the first time u guys might be thinking that i live under a rock bt i got to know abt this film in lele pons video n i really luv the actor’s acting in face off soo imma watch this film.

      Omg Sandy u look pretty nvm

      Dinah Manoff was my favorite,huge crush on her.

      Que pessoas mais lindas…. Sempre belos. Eternamente belos. Showwww..

      I always liked Channing. Great actor!

      Oh god… Leather jackets are hot.

      Olivia still looks fabulous!

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