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      Vin diesel ?
      I am a wallflower. I never knew there was a term for it, the way I think and the way I am. I resonate with Charlie immensely, I see myself in him. This will always be my favourite work of fiction because of that, it made me finally make sense to myself. I am a wallflower..

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      rad movie. amazing, the impact of those little high school feelings that we just can’t move past. nothing like being so close to such beauty only to have it slip through your fingers. scars that we carry. x.

      Mat can play as uncharted nathan bro sam
      can anyone tell me the age rating. cant find it anywhere and need it for research.

      ah, the Flow developers, I can totally see it.

      Yea. It comes out today. And this is winter. But whatever.

      It was amazing seriously

      Amazing .. omg I’m sooo hooked . Just finished 1st season and I’m bummed because and left me wanting more. Can’t wait til 2nd season comes out..

      COOK IS BACK!!!

      I can’t wait for this. Steven Knight is an awesome screenwriter, let’s see if he has the directing chops to properly bring his vision to life. McConaughey and Hathaway are a great start. Can’t wait to review this..

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      This is absolutely bloody brilliant.

      How was this considered a kid’s book? It’s not bad and now I do kinda wanna watch the movie. But it’s kind of about nothing really, just a coming to age tell, that deals with some adult themes..

      The closest theater that is playing flower is 45 min away from me. I wanna see it so bad. Is it worth it?
      Dane should get much more better roles than this smh

      I only watched the trailer and I’m already so full of feels
      I watch this trailer over and over 😁
      Everybody into the batmobile!!! all the girls clown-car-pile in and they batteringram their way out the back gate
      I can’t wait to feel some emotion again
      Meredith what are you doing here?
      man this guy must be really good at playing the part of a mentally ill writer
      Its the guy from the perks of being a wallflower This looks pretty good
      I always come back to this trailer after a while, Idk I just found confort in this movie (and book) and I’m just glad that it exists
      Everything was good up until the kardashian thing. Like why do people value kim kardashian’s opinion?
      an someone sort of help me?… i just watched this movie and finished it and i can relate it somehow like 70% of this movie and is bringing back triggers/memories and giving me a little panic attack. Basically i somehow feel that i can relate to this kid.               I made a stupid mistake when i was 18, it has been around 8 months now ever since the time i took LSD with a bunch of people, i basically had a really really bad trip/experience and got lost into the trip beccause i dont know what was happenning, i was almost same to the character in the movie, a quite quiet-ish, reserved person, i admit that there are things that i dont want to say or admit even to this very day. (not that i got molested as a child, but something about that i cant accept myself)               But during the trip/drug, that was what i did, i said something i shouldn’t have and admitted and everyone heard me. i can see death and at that moment i was thinking about my family, thinking about how can i do this to them? just leaving this world. And after a few days, i have this guilt in me and i went to my mom during her sleep and woke her up and hugged her and said sorry for not appreciating what you did.               Right now, i am having further studies in Australia, thinking that i could put away my ‘past’, but occasionally people who contacted me to keep in touch back from my hometown would somehow made me related them to the incident even when they are not there at that time it happened. And i sort of blocked out every single person who are related to the incident because i have this unknown fear of something…..       Maybe that im afraid that what i said at that time would be used against me for my future, i admit, right now, that i am quite lost in my life, that i am still living because i couldnt see the thought of seeing my family in grief if i were to be gone. And this movie sort of explain it in a way. And i believe that (‘if i were to achieve my own happiness, the happiness of the people i loved would have to be sacrifice’.)(i dont know if you get what i mean, its sort of hard to explain).
      honestly best movie I’ve seen… Sidney is so inspirational
      I love anne hathaway. So excited for this!
      Totally didn’t get clickbaited
      4:40 timbs with shorts LMAO
      fuck yea this would make a sick defend the church map
      Ezra miller is the best lolol
      cant stand cara anymore… to much hype xD
      If anyone say her vampire academy do you remember when she did this?
      2:09 who is this girl ?
      I loveeee ZOEY
      This trailer was so confusing. When i first saw this, oh the blonde girl will ended up with a dude and they will have a tragic ending. And i will tell you, NONE OF IT HAPPENED. LIKE MAJOR WTF. It will make you cry (i didnt, i almost tho) While watching this, i was like confused on every scenario, it wont end like what u expect. It will make you say ‘what? Whaaaaat? Whaaaaaaaaaat?’ Or probably they shouldve done this, they shouldve ended it with this. Kind of thing. What i learned about this? I honestly dont know because everything is confusing. Like seriously. She age slowly, their clan and then she raised a child which is the dude, what i dont know if she felt more than a mother to him when clealy he was showing more than a son to her when he hits puberty and then they got separated and then and then and theeeeeen… My main point is, Maquia deserves more than thiiiiiiiis. Seriously. Lol pardon my outburst and my grammatical error. Im too sad because i just watched this..

      Fast and furious is Paul Walker and/or Vin Diesel. Dwayne has ruined a series about cars..
      Ok but where’s Captain Reynolds?
      This has to be one of the worst movies thus far of 2019.
      Rose Hathaway
      that’s not the Tyler I know
      I love the casts
      Nobody plays a villain better than Cristoph Waltz.
      Percy? Annabeth? But he’s dyslexic…..
      Fast and Furious Presents 2 BALDS 2 FURIOUS.

      I think after watching so many anime, when I find the beautiful one my hear just shakes a little and it just gives so much warm vibes!
      Another Sad Anime Movie That Won’t Let Me Sleep For A Week….. Make some happy anime movies PLEASE!! this is too much to handle..


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