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      07.02.2019 at 02:57 #3725

      ➠➔➡ STREAM Warcraft ⟵⬅←


      I had wc3 pre ordered since 2001 and forgot to pick it up
      Still the best cinematic and music, love it!

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      Warcraft free falling

      Prefiero el trailer antiguo ese si era un grito del golen

      Guys, just remember that YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. ok?

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      welp, I won’t be going to sleep tonight or twelve months

      wow how are you all

      The orcs look a lot better close up, if that makes sense.


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      To all people saying the Pandaren were a bad addition to WoW, and were just a Kung Fu Panda rip-off, keep this in mind: Pandaren were introduced all the way back in Warcraft 3, back in 2002 and came long before Kung Fu Panda. They have existed for longer than WoW itself. You uneducated idiots..


      Haha, goddamn! This gives me some serious goosebumps. Blizz sure know how to make cinematics! :D

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      Vídeo muito bom! A propósito, quem é o homem de 31:00 ?
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      At 1:30 Nobody will talk about the fact that a human was able to hold and throw a falling orc. I mean, this orc should weight the same as a Poney, if not a horse, try to hold a jumping Poney, you will be smashed, don’t matter how strong you are..
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      aasdfghjklsdhjk No he visto esta y ya quiero ver el azote de Lordaeron!!! 😀 😀 <3 <3
      1:15 Muradin Bronzebeard?
      I just hope in the future virtual reality will be so advanced that our children live in this kind of world without having to work anymore
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      This looks fucking amazing. Haven’t seen it yet tho. Is it any good?
      FOR THE HORDE !!!!!

      I saw this trailer in RPX and the hit at  1:28 literally shook the whole movie theater.  Im definitely down to see this movie.  And I know nothing about Warcraft.
      Best post-wotlk expansion.

      Everyone saying Sylvannas is in the wrong have forgotten what the Alliance has done to both Forsaken and the entire Horde. As far as most of us are concerned, Sylvannas is just getting revenge..


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