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      06.02.2019 at 13:38 #3551

      ➜➞ WATCH Loving Vincent ⟸⇦


      Every frame a painting, taken too literally
      What is the background Music?
      I am late😢😢😢
      Tired of reading comments of not us,not us in avengers endgame tv spot ….
      I loved that movie Loving Vincent. He’s one of my favorite artists.
      I swear endgame would honestly be better without her and only with the characters who we saw in infinity war
      <Sunflowers> is my favourite of all! 🌻
      Yep til boring and expressionless as ever. This woman supposed to be THE CAPTAIN MARVEL face of MARVEL but once she put on that awful helmet she looked like CRIMSON CHIN from FAIRY ODD PARENTS.

      thats what she said

      loving chair


      Oh dear. What a mockery.

      Some people think that Captain Marvel is boring.. But not us.. Not us.

      Gogh was NOT the Selfie King Rembrandt was


      This trailer was much better than the Endgame trailer last night

      I knew them all
      Look I’ve been 3rd twice In a row I love ur chanell

      vincent dvd
      Wonder woman knock-off.
      vincent designer
      Koreans are beating this movie up because of feminism. But for being Korean myself, this film is so freaking hyped !!😭
      loving dresses
      Let’s go to MARCH

      What about the Tale of Princess Kayuga, isn’t that entirely watercolour/charcoal? Not saying this doesn’t look great (it does), just curious whether it is the first.
      Some people Hate captain marvel But ”NOT US”
      Gets worse every time you watch these trailers and TV spots.
      Ein Grund für mich, die Professorin zu kontaktieren, die mich fast vier Jahre lang mit Kunstgeschichte “gequält“ hat. Sieht absolut grandios aus und ich wünschte, es hätte den Film schon vor ein paar Jahren gegeben – Filme über Künstler aller Art waren der Höhepunkt meiner Schulzeit..
      Sounds like a new feminist campaign
      But, Rembrandt was the first selfie king, am I right? ;).
      The intro to your video is frustrating. I do not want to watch your video.
      man these trailers are getting shittier by the day. This was just loud cheap music and sound effects. Hope the movie is not like this…
      When titles say facts that no one knows I say well someone’s gotta know for you to find out
      It will cross 1 billion

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      Knowledge as a commodity for people who aspire to wealth.  Wow.  I feel nauseous.  Goodbye, Alux.

      I am scrolling through van gogh videos just to hear gogh pronunciation

      I don’t like claude monet

      Veoh Loving vincent

      I’m glad she wasn’t in the Endgame teaser. It shows that film will focus on the integral characters. Unless Marvel pulls out an unpleasant surprise move by making her important..

      vincent chair
      After seeing the Captain Marvel trailer and it’s comment section… Joker Why So Serious you Marvel and DC fanboys?.
      The commentators happy pixie voice is REALLY irratating and feels direspectful to the subject..
      my favorite artists is Starry Night


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