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      STREAM. WATCH Stairs


      I have watched the serie. HE.IS.INNOCENT.
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      I’ve watched it on go movies. Such a good movies and an inspiration to all women out there, if you’re a hardworking person, please take care of your health first..
      I can’t believe they found them guilty – there’s so much proof that they weren’t and it was set up! There was no blood, the key wasn’t there at first, they let the people who weren’t allowed at the scenes and case in on it anyway, there was a hole in the blood tube, the bones where moved, they messed with the bullet, no one else was investigated but Steven, they clearly manipulated Brendan (obvious in the tapes), the jury first voted that Steven was innocent but apparently some was biased and very strong personalities. And so much more. I get that Steven did bad things as young, he admitted them and took the punishment – but I can’t believe he killed her. Too much is pointing at corruption and not making sense. I really hope neither Steven or Brendan has to sit in much longer! Their lawyer is seriously the best I’ve seen, I hope he will win in the end..

      Thought provoking, the most heartbreaking and intriguing true crime saga. What happened to the UNITED States? When your justice system is clearly divided. Unbelievable..

      This was a great documentary it’s obvious they had it out for this guy, all evidence from the murder case points to corrupt cops, prosecutors and judges, all those cops had to do is stay away and they did not comply planting evidence… They were corrupt for both those cases, sad and glad i’m not from Wisconsin..

      If it was the owl how did he not hear her scream ?! I don’t believe this theory

      She threw herself downstairs after she found out her husband was a power bottom

      Umm I seen this movie like 2 years ago and now Netflix is rereleasing it like it’s a new film.. and when I watched it I kept thinking it was ridiculous they cast Chloe Grace Moretz to play a New York Post Journalist when throughout the whole film she looks like a High School Freshman...

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      What you all have to say about the doctor who preformed the autopsy? Dr.Radisch also told jurors Kathleen Peterson had crushed thyroid cartilage that suggest someone tried to manually strangle her. She told jurors that she believes there is no doubt as to how Kathleen Peterson died. In my opinion, the manner of death in this case was a homicide, Radisch said..

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      This was such a great series

      I watched an 8 part documentary on this on BBC. got to the end and nothing was resolved. this better have something at the end
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      Did the owl also damage her thyroid whilst strangling her?
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      Me when I’m on my period and my mom brings me food into my room that I haven’t left for 5 days
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      Interesting theory but wouldn’t there have been a trail of blood leading to the staircase?
      Favourite moment:-Male escort’s revelations
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      looks boring
      This is the scariest ones I’ve seen in a long time. You guys always post really cool and interesting videos but they seldom actually scare me. This has me looking over my shoulder though..
      Netflix you have done it again!!!!!!!! Excellent doc!!!!!.
      The probability that an owl attacked her is ludicrous.
      Infelizmente não sei falar inglês e não consegui entender nada.
      I’m at S:1 E:3, and seeing those detectives interrogating that young guy Brendan, it’s like an amateur version of the BBC SAS documentary about interrogation tactics. It’s useful to know for anyone. They use cold drinks etc, cigs etc and are totally laying their wanted confession (I’m talking wartime tactics here) in your mouth. Watching pro British interrogators simulating this is horrendous, how they can get you to confess to anything. Things you never even thought about. It makes you think….
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      Younger Days

      0_o Just watched all 10 episodes…and damn…just damn. When the cop called in the license plate…like, huh?!
      alices dad was played by the guy who played reverend low in silver bullet lol great film. screw vhs nowdays lol blu ray and dvd 4 life lol
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      Netflix always got some good shit 👌🏽
      My theory : becaue he was gay and never revealed it to his wife, anger built up inside him and that led him to killing her , or alternatively she found out about it and they argued about it, and it caused him to lose control and kil her..
      Our ICU has a patient who has this condition. It took us a month with so many tests and exams to finally figure it out. We had to put him in a medically induced coma cause of constant seizures until we figured it out. He finally woke up this week. I pray for a strong and healthy recovery for him..

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      The support of his family was special regardless of his innocence or guilt I would kill my wife to see my family have my back that way
      I’ve seen this film and I loved the ending when the guys we finally free, sad when Roach died, thought the man and woman were sick people for cutting out the kids tongues ( just because in the past of saying one thing against them), and I felt bad for the girl living with those sickos.
      Now THAT was spooky!
      This was one of the most obvious and disgusting things I’ve ever watched short of oj guilty as sin this lawyer will burn in hell
      I watched this very good
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      He did a prank and diddn’t say its just a prank

      HOW TO MAKE THIS NOT SCARY: The little girl frowned slightly, agatha’s bed was farther away….the chain suddenly became taught, and she froze, turning around slowly to meet her gaze. Agatha grinned and leaned towards the side, blowing out the light. The girl shrieked, and dropped the candle, and fell over. Agatha…you scared me so so much! Agatha smiled and helped the child up, returning the old plate with leftovers. The little girl giggled and took the plate, i keep telling her that you don’t like this type of meat! Agatha patted the little girl on the head and took her new plate, but not before showing some tricks on the box to the girl. The girl started to leave, but tripped over her too big shoes. Agatha quickly was at her side and helped her up, taking the shoes. She thought that the shoes were creatures making the little one trip. She threw them in the corner and the girl sighed, knowing that now she had to get new shoes again. All the same she smiled at her friend and left, telling her boss that Agatha took her shoes again. The older woman sighed and took the shoes into a cage to take to market and sell the next day..
      I hate the fact that in this country DA’s and Cop’s that put away innocent people into prison just so they can say case closed have no accountability when the case is overturned. Shouldn’t the people who knowingly put an innocence man in jail go to jail for the same period of time?.

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      Has the owl been arrested? We DEMAND justice!
      fool got his nickname from the tarot cards
      Ken Kratz admitted abusing prescription drugs and being treated for sexual addiction and narcissistic personality disorder. – Wikipedia.
      Watched non-stop season one and two… This is a much watch.. I accidentally started the first episode.. This documentary caused me to view the Justice System in the USA in a way that every person should try to understand.. This could happen to anyone of us..
      this was excellent. what was the melody from at the end, i definitely remember hearing it as a child..
      This is one of the most interesting things you will ever watch in your entire life. Is that good !
      Is there any update? The documentary was in 2015. It’s now 2018. Did people just forget about this!?
      Man he did that shit lmao
      me and my cousin lyk this movie damn much :D
      She needs the brilliant sarcastic Dr. House.

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