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      WATCH Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk


      Todo mundo dos Estados Unidos vai toma no toby.
      25th I love this!
      I knew a dude from Kentucky named Jake, who claimed to be a skinhead. He was romantically and sexually attracted to the Cro-Mags… The entire band, not just one member. He was in love and lust with all the members… Not that there’s anything wrong with that!.
      I started listening to Green Day with their Album Nimrod when I was 7 years old… Damn… it’s been a looong time…
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      I’m going to their concert on August 29th and I’m sooo excited. They may be getting older but they’re still looking young and still as awesome!
      Title Fight is ok but I wouldn’t consider them hardcore. I’m disappointed that this video didn’t touch on any current NY hardcore bands like Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Rational Animals, Drunkdriver or Hank Wood and the Hammerheads..
      i think i just died around 19:26 when he said VOD is an older band, i guess that means im OLD
      lol Armstrong the narrator. great video

      Turn – It, Around: & The. Story! of, East. Bay, Punk, in, hindi

      I was all about it for decades, but at this point NYHC is the musical equivalent of the loud old guy at the bar who was really cool in high school but hasn’t done shit since then. “Eyy I ever tell you bout this one time?” “Yeah I heard about that time a few times” “Yeah but you ain’t heard about this ONE time!” “You told me about that time too homie, quite a few times” 🙄.

      OUTSTANDING. wasn’t expecting to enjoy this.

      im so glad they had trash talk and title fight on here. two very inspirational hxc bands today.
      volunteer center of the east bay


      turn it around the story of east bay punk dvd

      hospice of the east bay jobs


      whats the music playing in the background thu out
      그린데이 노래 너무 좋아요!
      Turn – It, Around:. The… Story. of, East – Bay, Punk. OnLinE, watch
      Wish I still had my gilman card from 86
      I don’t why i remember trainspotting when i hear iggy pop
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      Turn, It – Around:. The – Story, of East? Bay! Punk, English… Full, Movie & Download
      Turn – It, Around:, The, Story? of… East! Bay. Punk, arabic
      Wicked documentary, but where’s the likes of Terror & Sworn Enemy?!
      I was there 😍😍😍
      2:01 sweet children :’v que buena referencia xd
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      straight edge is gay
      Ok can I just say it’s frickin crazy how Billies voice is just as good now as ever. Like it’s crazy how these just don’t age. Then again, I guess they’re as timeless as their music!
      Duane Peters was a mooch piece of shit. 3rd best at everything.
      Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay punks
      Number one band: GREEN DAY!!! And have any one saw Kirk Hammett from Metallica
      hospice of the east bay pleasant hill ca
      Noisey should do an Under the Influence episode on 80s finnish hardcore punk or swedish d-beat. I’d love to see guys from bands like Terveet Kädet, Anti-Cimex, Rattus and Massgrav on the screen!.
      Turn+It+Around:+The+Story+of+East+Bay+punk goth
      How Carnivore wasn’t mentioned I’ll never know
      Look how far our dads have come Except… Their age.
      Can’t believe I’m one of the first comments on here!! Green Day, if you’re reading this, I gotta say this is one of the best music videos you’ve ever done! Very simple but says a whole lot! Everywhere I’ve ever been in my life since I first heard ‘American Idiot’ at age 13, whether I was in high school, college, community theater, or at the workplace, I have always been THE number one fan of yours in the room, and videos like this one make me consistently proud to hold such a title, regardless of whether or not anyone around me agrees. Thank you so much for the music, the memories, and for practically saving my life. I’ll see you guys at the Camden, NJ show in August!! PS. Since my name is Jimmy, could I come up on stage and sing St. Jimmy with you guys?? It would mean the world to me!! :D.
      One of the best docs i’ve seen.
      bicycle trails council of the east bay

      Revolution radio operation no control the headline my love is bullet proof love it 겁나 좋네요 ㅇㅅㅇ


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