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      ➛▶ DOWNLOAD Ocean Waves ⟵⇐


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      here because of Namjoon
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      So far, this looks alright. At least it wasn’t as cringy as the first Ghostbusters trailer, and bombarded with terrible jokes. But TBH, this still looks pointless.
      I wish When Marnie was there was also included, cause that movie was the definition of beautiful ^^
      Let’s. watch? Ocean, Waves, online… full


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      Awesome, I am so glad to see another beautiful hand drawn animation from Ghibli. I wish they still made hand drawn feature films in the US! Hopefully it will make a comeback someday..

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      Marine biology rules! I can’t wait to see this!

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      it took me just a few minutes to figure out what the bgm was. CAUSE THE VOICE SOUNDED LIKE FUJITA MAIKO AND I WAS SO DAMN RIGHT <3 ugh gorgeous voice fujita maiko – sayonara ga aru kara.
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      It’s actually a beautiful story based on a famous folktale. I recommend watching it.
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      I have to thank hollywood cause since ghostbuster I don’t go to the cinema anymore and I bought a ferrari with the money I saved..
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      what a coincidence ! just watching lot of ghibli movies , howls moving castle etc Thanks for the video :D
      Does Gidget still have a crush on Max?
      I was clapping just from watching the trailer
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      this song reminds of last summer so much, i spent alot of time alone but looking back I get good feels
      The Tobacconist

      Bloody love David Attenborough
      ocean pics waves
      ocean waves weave

      ( When marnie was there ) is my favorite movie i have ever seen it so heartbreaking😔
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      came here from lofi music and tried to watch the movie but i could not find it anywhere …

      I’m sure Cate Blanchett’s acting in this feminist propaganda film was just as terrible as her cringe performance as the Mary Sue Hela in Thor Ragnarok. Hela crushed Thor’s hammer like a fortune cookie, and Hela is also revealed to be the one that helped Odin build his empire. Chris Hemsworth had no problem with being wheeled around restrained to a chair like a weak beta male. And Chris Hemsworth also enjoyed walking around with a shock collar device on his neck which shocked Chris like a dog every time he spoke his mind. No surprise from Chris considering he signed on to be a glorified weak feminist Ken doll in Ghostbusters 2016. It’s revealed that Hela helped Odin build his empire, and Hela apparently kills the entire Asgardian army by herself. You Hollywood wankers don’t fool me with this blatant feminist propaganda that promotes women’s supremacy over men. Ocean’s 8 is feminist rubbish promoting misandry, women’s supremacy, and divisiveness just like the elite intended. #deleteTheElite #SayNoToFeministPropaganda.

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      this looks like a 90s anime and i love it
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      Looking forward to it, but I miss the original art style so much :/
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      Watch. Ocean & Waves & Online – Free – Movie, 4K

      Next up, Lawrence of Arabia all female cast.
      The title of the video sounds like something completely different from the video itself.
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      Literally just saw this trailer, now I’m even more hyped! Gidget is absolutely amazingly awesome!
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