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      Ever since Ryan passed it seems like the F&F franchise has gotten worse and worse.
      The chemistry between the rock and statham is awesome

      I Love it but Fast and The Furious 9 i think that goes in the Future Are better than Hobbs and Shawn #fastandthefurious forever
      This will be the first F&F which i don’t like
      And with this the Rock just absorbed the Fast and the Furious Franchise.

      Wow when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.
      Hobbs and Shaw vs Heimdall
      Street racers turned fugitives, sure Fugitives work for government, why not Ex con teams with purist cop, i can handle that Then, you put heimdal enhanced with capt america’s serum? Nah ah, went too far there eh? I like the idea, but i wish they made this as an independent film and not in the fast and furious universe..
      Excuse me where are the old actor I want to see Dominic toretto
      Sorry aber das ist kein Fast and the Furious mehr. Ab den 5 Teil ist es einfach zu viel Action Zuwenig Auto.
      Everyone is saying this isn’t fast and furious because no cars blah blah blah. THAT’S BECAUSE ITS NOT FAST AND FURIOUS
      Also known as Gangland Revenge.
      Simple,realistic film which i love,great characters,great story.

      Am i the only one to miss paul walker #RIPPaulwalker 😞😞
      Fiquei sabendo do filme através do #canaloculto
      No this is not fast and forious,this is iron man 😁

      A brilliant well made movie that draws you in from the first minute
      This is not Fast and Furious.. It just can not be..
      Back when Fast and Furious used to be pretty good and now it’s a superhero movie and in the next movie Hobbs will be a part of S.H.I.E.L.D shortly..
      I love the look of this XD. Can’t wait to see it. But you have to look at it completely separate from the fast and furious franchise..
      Just watch these two show up in the final avengers movie to help kill thanos
      Everyone shits on the movie and all the previous ones but if it didn’t have the Fast title ya’ll be all over it. Bunch of Bandwagons hating on everything. And yes I love Tokyo drift and 2 Fast and I wish they had more car sequences but I’m not going to shit on it because of it..
      Wwe superstars Roman Reigns
      Absolutely stunning, ,,waiting fr Jason statham …big fan boy ..💃
      This doesn’t feel like Fast and Furious…
      Wowwwww superb Action Superb Story Superb Trailer 👍👍👍👍 Are you ready to watch it 👏👏👏👏👏👍🎬🎬🎬🎬.
      Fast and Furious: Mars….

      I’m seeing so much negative comments. You do you but it actually looks like a really fun time. Even if there’s really no car action in it….
      1 of the best Fast and Furious quote “ Bad Guy”
      But i was expecting roman reigns in the trailer
      Where’s my boy DOM.

      Yes lots of action. Hobbs and Shaw.
      KNEW LACRIMOSA BEFORE IT WAS COOL, FYM. not gon lie when Lacrimosa started playing on my tv I jumped out my seat, when I saw Idris Elba coolin to this, i shed a tear. I’m seeing this fuckin movie. This is truly, the best Timeline..
      “Wait, aren’t those guys like super op or something?”

      What happened to this series? Reminds me too much of Michael Bay or Mission Impossible lol.

      Hmm.. didn’t know that Fast & Furious is a Marvel series now.
      as long as you look at it without the F&F branding it could be a good movie!
      2:35 who can listen this?
      Hobbs isn’t Hobbs without his signature goatee 🤷‍♂️
      You have to watch this! One of the best gang movies ever! Emotional ending, unusual for this type of genre. Brilliant acting, especially by Matthew Jure.

      Is f&f going into marvel universe😂😪

      Where is vin disel and his team. This is not a real fast and furious.

      The 10th movie will be called Tengen Toppa Fasto Ando za Fulious. Galaxy-throwing will be involved.

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