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      ➞➞➞ STREAM The Lost Elephants ←←←


      Get Ur facts right! They wore trench coats into the school and carried the bombs in the bag

      0:50 -Danny Devito 1:03 -Danny Devito 1:06 -Danny Devito 2:06 -Danny Devito Danny Devito who is petter no-one.

      This is one on the best movie of 2019. Halfway threw the movie was very emotional to watch. At the end I has tears running down my face it takes a lot of work in a movie to make me cry. I have watched thousands of movies in my life. Only 70 of those movies made me cry. I rate this movie 10 stars. I encourage you all to watch this movie. I Love Dog’s!!!.

      This will be an awesome movie. Childhood memory’s for sure. They have some big name stars in it also.

      1:35 look at that! He doesn’t look like magic to me then Dumbo stumbled and everyone laughed.. That made me cry

      i like it and hate it boooooooooo and yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

      Being a 16 year old student that attends a high school in Colorado, I couldn’t bring myself to watch this film. Since 6th grade kids in our school district have been educated on this horrid massacre. And every year in high school we attend some sort of Rachel’s Challenge. Being as educated as I am on this topic, living in Colorado, participating in Rachel’s Challenge, and having met family members of the decease… I just can’t watch this movie. I’ve tried, and it’s too much for me..

      can someone tell me what part of what symphony this is found in. I feel like I should already know this but I don’t
      @pivotkid85 I plan on ,aking a movie on it…. but based in 2012

      He’s paying homage to Alan Clark’s film Elephant which dealt with the shootings and violence in Northern Ireland in the 80s. That film was titled Elephant because the daily sectarian shootings had become the Elephant in the room (a problem or issue that everyone ignores or pretends doesn’t exist) for the British public. In this film, Van Sant is dealing with school shootings, guns, violence, etc. and applies exactly the same definition to his use of the word Elephant..
      zero days was awesome
      The dog name was Bella that was the name of my dog Bella she was a husky but she past away I still miss her


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