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      05.02.2019 at 05:16 #3090

      ➟➡➞ STREAM The Lobster ←⬅⟵



      Ha, man, I think I’ve watched too much Peep Show to not see Olivia Colman as Sophie. Which is going to make the next couple of series of The Crown interesting….

      the.lobster movie

      Lol … alot of people saying her singing was annoying… was i the only one singing along with her the whole trailer then?? Love that song!

      Looks like A Single Man but in the hood.

      So I guess every other guy movie is gonna get the ovary treatment now. Dear God I can see it now… The Expesivebles, Ramba First Bleed, Die Hair, Predagirl, Tights Club, 😢😢😢😢😢.

      the lobster club

      the lobster guy

      the lobster quadrille

      anyone know where the background song is from? not the girl singing Ellie, but the timpani?


      the lobster imdb

      Спулаё Мулаё

      Why does everyone love this film?😅 holy crap this film was lame almost felt asleep.

      the lobster shanty

      Why would anyone dislike this?
      hey guys maybe I missed the moment.. but what happened to the twin girl ????
      0:34 Me thinking right now
      The girl singing throughout the trailer made it look creepier, I guess that was the point of having bad singer.

      I just realized that the accent of Keira Knightley made her somewhat hot. But without it, she seems just meh..
      M8 I’d be a crow for obvious reasons


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