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      ▶➜➜ STREAM The Foreigner ⬅←⟵


      If Brosnan says tíocfaidh ár lá in this film I’ll cheer
      This really reminds me of the film Martin Campbell made with Mel Gibson called the Edge of Darkness. A man goes on a revenge mission to get the people who killed his family member sprinkled with some political intrigue. Sounds almost the same. I haven’t seen the film but if someone has seen both films can you tell me if I’m right about that or not..

      Goliath 96.

      Even its not a total bad ass But i love the stunts. Cant wait to watch it

      Jackie is killing people !

      GOOD) I SEE IT)) SENK!!!

      Jackie Chan is a legend


      Why isn’t the UVF never mentioned in movies or the media
      Watch, The? Foreigner. full – movie – camera
      Jackie Chan playing a serious character and Pierce Brosnan with Scottish accent! 0_0
      One if not the best Jackie chan movie ive seen
      damn…he is like the one man ultimate expendable in this movie…scarier than john rambo.
      did you just show spoilers !?!
      Just finished watching this, going in didn’t expect Chan to be doing the kind of stunts in past movies given his age. This is more of a mature film in my opinion. Definitely slow at times.Action scenes are good especially near the end. Didn’t matter to me though because Jackie Chan is the GOAT.

      1:18 Bless you!!

      With out a doubt the best Jackie Chan movie I’ve ever seen …..

      There are 3 things a wise man fears. The sea in a storm, a night with no moon…..and the anger of a gentle man.

      Watch, The, Foreigner, full. movie… download hd

      Jackie looks daaaaaaaamn good here. I think part of his inspiration for this angry role is not being taken seriously in American films. Always having to do cheap rush hour type movies. The dude’s a serious actor and deserves respect. Methinks this is him sending a message..


      Pleaseeee react to the NEGAN SONG

      One of my best actor. Mr JC. Can’t wait….

      i read a book written by a muslim man whom lost is wife to the terrorist bombing in brussels, and in these very shot yet beatiful chapters he talks about his life p to that point, his los, and how he decided to react to this act of terror. His choice is not more hate and violence, buut love. and i’s not sappy or cliche, it’s the only real response that makes any sense. i know jackie chan is an action and martial arts actor but a movie with this kind of subject matter, well, it should have gone the other way and portrait a man going through grief and eventually fnding it in himself to forgive..

      The Boy and the Beast.

      Please please please review the movie ‘The Wailing’.
      Cry Further Zero with paper wrapping LOLLLL
      The Asian John Wick
      this reminds me of Law Abiding Citizen
      Would u be able to do a review on American Satan when it comes out Friday the 13th? 🙂 seems like an interesting film considering its got my favorite musicians and actors :).
      The. Foreigner – movie. tamil – download
      Stephen leather yaaa
      Can you please react to the inhumans trailer?
      Ультиматум Чана 007

      Watch The. Foreigner, Carltoncinema
      This is Like Law Abiding Citizen but with Jackie Chan. Awesome.
      England is not a gun culture country now..not like it best filmed in usa..
      I just saw Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan and it was badass, and i agree Jackie Chan is very underrated as an actor.

      Speak for yourself. I was watching the zero tv show religiously in the 90s
      THIS will be f*kin amazing. DAMN…
      Jacky Chan has now turned into Liam neeson. It would be great if they bother worked together.
      Day one fo sho


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