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      ▶➠➜ stream The Clinton Affair ⇐⟵⟸



      All powerful men have high libido, what’s new ?

      This ghoul has aged a lot 🤣

      Demons are her driving force. Or is it ELEANOR ROOSEVELT? BOTH PROBABLY..

      As a long-time observer of Hiliary Clanton I can say she is without question the most crooked and dangerous person ever to seek the presidency..

      I’m so glad she lost.

      It’s the dark State not the Deep State First, you must learn not to become emotionally engaged with these forces as you learn to discern them and as you find yourself in situations where they seem to be prevalent. Do not love them. Do not hate them. Do not embrace them. Do not run from them. You can become objective because Knowledge within you is objective. Do not seek these forces out and do not avoid them at all costs. Knowledge will keep you away from them except in certain situations where you will be able to contribute something in an positive way. The Forces of Dissonance are quite powerful. Do not be ambitious and think that you can combat them alone. Do not think you can overcome fear within yourself by giving yourself a grandiose view of your capabilities, for without Knowledge, your capabilities would be completely ineffective against the Forces of Dissonance. New Message From God Wiki Topic: Forces of Dissonance.

      Such a touching talk, Good to finally meet the person behind the story. I salute you Monica, you’ve climbed your way out of the shit to hold your flag high. -Bill who?.

      People should be forgiven for their past mistakes and sins-if they are truly sorry and have taken actions to do that act no more.  With that said, you can forgive the person, but what the hell is she doing at TED?  I will admit I know only a little about TED.  I have seen perhaps a dozen videos.  All were pretty neat.  I didnt agree with all that was said, but ALL of those 12 had an important position in life or meaning to talk about whatever they were talking about.  Her?  Hell no.  She committed a crime.  She sinned.  She purposely violated a marriage multiple times.  No mistake about it.   She purposely damaged a marriage.  She purposely disrespected HC(though I might have a strong opinion about HR, this wasnt deserved) and their daughter(same).  And of course, embarrassed the country on a world stage.  More importantly, the only reason she stopped is the secret got out.  How long would she have gone on, until she got pregnant? (well, wait, she and he are democrats and liberal…they would have just killed the baby).   She is by far the worst example to be at TED.  The subject is important(bullying/shame, etc) but HER?  Hell no.  People who do that, deserve to get blasted for a while.  YOU put yourself out there, doing stupid/selfish/ignorant/violent(etc etc) acts and you deserved the heat that results.  It is FAR different from the nerd/outcast, etc that get bullied and picked on, shamed, etc.  FAR DIFFERENT. NOW, as it has been decades, and she HAD owned up to it, thats where forgiveness comes in.  HOWEVER, now she is trying to be a role model? REALLY?  And saying what 22 yr old hasnt done something stupid they regret?  REALLY?  I know dozens of 22 yr olds who would have never done something as disgusting and disrespectful as she did.  I never would have.  I know many dont care about adultery, damaging a marriage, but millions do.  Shame on TED for using her.  Important topic, but definitely not her..

      Cunt news is desperate pretending 2b anti Clinton. Next they’ll be pretending 2b pro Trump


      Pardon me, but a documentary presents documents historical facts.


      Even though Bill Clinton was 100% wrong for all of these affairs and lying to his wife, I do find it appalling how the other women ONLY came public when his life became more public. They were all fine being kept secrets for years and years and being lied to, UNTIL his political career started picking up steam. Then they decided to go public with it. They didn’t do it because they truly felt the need to come clean about being the mistress or because they felt bad for his wife; they did it simply for attention and political clout..

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