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      Gracias amigo, por acá en Brasil nadie hizo la explicación de esta película.

      En mi opinión en la trama de la película se explican de las teorías que impiden viajes en el tiempo la primera, las paradojas y los multi versos todas las conocemos como se menciona en el vídeo y se expone en la película de una u otra manera siempre habrá un primer Jim que viaja a un pasado en otro universo que no es el suyo. La segunda el tiempo es perfecto, hagan lo que hagan los personajes de la película siempre sera necesario viajar al pasado a arreglar algo por que así lo quiere el tiempo de tal manera que el personaje principal termina atrapado en un viaje de 5 días infinito por eso vemos un Jim muerto y aun así siempre volverá al pasado para no romper el corazón de Abi ni dejar que Abi rompa el suyo..

      X men apocalypse shouldve continued where the timeline was changed where older versions of cyclops jean grey strom etc etc will take on apocalypse.

      Sabah Nur in Arabic means Good morning .
      Oscar Isaac nailed to play the best villain for the best X Men movie! Best supervillain acting EVER!!.
      Awesome movie. Best X Men movie ever.
      baru selesai nonton tadi di bioskop dan ternyata amazing seru,keren,menegangkan!!!!!!.

      explica la pelicula enemy por favor bower

      The quicksilver scene was the best in movie!
      jennifer lawrence doesn’t belong in these xmen movies, tired of seeing this skank everywhere.
      I enjoy The X-Men Franchise more Than I do any movie in The MCU, I don’t care if they don’t follow the comics. X-Men to me has always been better story telling, better acting, and defiantly more darker. I admit the whole timeline thing is confusing and does kinda annoy me, but I also understand that they’re going by this new timeline that Days Of Future Past set up, and I’m perfectly fine with that..
      me encanta sus videos, gracias. me encantó la peli y su explicación
      Quanto mais eu digo que esse filme é o FILME! ainda é pouco. muito foda!

      The movie had potential. it is just ok 5/10. I wouldn’t recommend it.
      muchas muchas gracias bower.
      born in Egypt thousands of years ago, has a British accent…….
      Best movie
      jean turns into pheniox and kill apocalypse, magento turn bad when people kills his daughter, four horsemen are angel, storm, magneto, and that chick with the purple sword thingy 🙂 welcome! ! oh yea and wolverine only in it for 6 min he was captured by striker.
      man anyone here in 2019???????
      Thank you
      I really hope Bryan Singer continues to direct X-men movies after this trilogy, Days of Future Past was the best superhero film I’ve seen since Watchmen, and this only looks better. The apocalypse storyline in the comics and 90’s animated series was always one of my favorite parts of the X-men saga. Not to mention the return of some of the cooler characters left out of the reboot so far, like young Nightcrawler, and a young Jean, Scott and so on. If you consider X-men worthless without Wolverine as the main character or because it is anti-religious just because it references religion, please GTFO and go watch something more your style. I hope also that Singer gets to direct more superhero franchises other than X-men, maybe he’d even do the marvel trilogy I’ve most wanted but is not likely, a Maximum Carnage trilogy after the (hopefully final) reboot of Spider-man this time..
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