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      ➙➙➙ STREAM,DOWNLOAD Being Charlie ←←←


      Nice sexy videos

      Best movie trailer and Best Movie.

      Love the actors but the movie seems like pure trash.

      anybody knows some similar movies to this one? i feel like there are so little movies with a shy character and i really do need some as an example to live my life and make friends cause i really wanna turn things around.

      I use to hate Zac Efron during the High School Musical years..! but now… i think he’s such a great actor!! What an amazing performer.. both in serious roles and comedy!! .

      nigel is the best character in this movie

      goosebumps, zac <3 

      To those out there that feel like Charlie does (and just by scanning through the comments section, there is/used to be A LOT), I know it can be extremely hard for some people to socialise and to just put yourself out there for whatever reason (I was a lot like this in school), but there is NOTHING wrong with you! We can’t change who we are or where we come from, but we can choose the road we take in life and our destination! EVERYBODY has their insecurities, and when you go out there into the world, just know that everybody else is thinking about themselves just as much as you are; we’re all self conscious when we interact with different people! It’s OK to be self conscious; it’s normal to care about your own appearance the impression you give off. But please just learn to LOVE those things about yourself that you’re uncomfortable with! YOU’RE AWESOME! WE’RE ALL AWESOME in our own way, let people see that! Turn those negative things into things to be proud of! If we we’re all the same, the world would be a worse place than it is! Go out and flaunt your uniqueness, show the world how awesome you are! Make others smile and make yourself smile! Don’t let others get you down, you don’t deserve that. If someone says something bad about you, then they’ve got a problem, not you! If you do honestly feel like this, then PLEASE just put yourself out there, it will surprise you just how easy it is, I promise! Brush aside all those negative thoughts, they’re nonsense. Embrace those things you’re insecure about and if you’re with the right people , they WILL love you for it! We’re all the same; our consciousness gets us all down from time to time, you just have a few more grey clouds in the sky than the average person, but the blue skies are still there!.


      Easily one of the most underrated movies out there. Shia plays a role that gave me this weird bubbly motivated feeling about life and relationships that is far from superficial. One of those hidden gem movies you can believe you haven’t seen or heard of. Similar to what happened to I Origins in my opinion, another underrated movie that is a must watch..

      This is so sad I can’t stop crying 😭💜❤️💛💙💚

      This went from racing to fighting and shooting and it went from Paul Walker and his crew now the movie is about hobb and shaw 🤦‍♂️ and shooting and fighting FAST AND THE FURIOUS WAS ALL ABOUT RACING not about shooting.


      I’m going to start crying rn from the trailer

      Zayn’s voice Nick’s face= love infinite 😍
      Percy Jackson is best friends with Hermione….. IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE
      omg :'(
      Hermione getting a C-. Bloody hell..
      the best characters from fast and furious BRILLIANT
      to all the peuple who watched the trailer: if this made you cry u should watch the movie if you want an tsunami in your house! :'(.
      I just finished the book and the movie in the same day! I’ve been reading the book for 3 days until on the 3rd day, that i found out there was a movie…So i finished the book and saw the movie. I must say, even tho i liked the book way more, the movie captured ALOT of emotions..i loved both :D.

      what I really like about this trailer is that it doesn’t give you the whole plot, like all the other trailers do. I was so surprised and shocked by the story going on in the movie, that i really liked it!! Great film!.
      I have a feeling we just watch the entire movie except for the last 10 seconds of it.
      This kind of reminds me of Supernatural, I mean the younger brothers name is Sam and the older one tries to save him..
      Eu vou chorar qual e o nome do filme?
      Fast and the furious just makes no sense after chapter 7 go back and look at 1-3 perfect action now it’s turned into a CGI FULLED OVER THE TOP TECHNOLOGY & ACTION SERIES.
      Fast and furious is all about family, this time you have let us down!!!!!!! NO VIN AND THE FAMILY NO FAST AND FURIOUS!!!!!!!!.

      The movie is a lot better than the trailer makes it out to be.

      What is that song on the background
      Where are the cars ??? 🤨
      I’ve seen this movie a million times and I never get tired of it. Its an amazing movie.
      Lame, they delayed the next fast movie for this? 😔
      the song is run by leoba lewis , but who is covering ?
      usually i REALLY hate the protagonist in books/movies but i LOVED this one. Charlie was so amazing
      He is beautiful, I love you Nick 😍


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