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      stream Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan


      This is fabulous–it’s so exciting and inspiring to see the work and hear about the processes. 
      I absolutely loved the Rond de Jambe music!! Who is the pianist?
      0:16 girl on the very left used to dance at my company once she graduated I had no idea she became a dancer at ballet met!!

      Whelan and Boyle – what a treat!

      Too bad it’s impossible to hear most of Wendy’s instructions. They couldn’t have put a mic on her? What a waste for the video audience.

      Tyrone Boyle you play so well. Thank you for your music!

      Hello ! Can someone tell me the name of the song? thank you very much !!

      It’s so amazing to watch a consummate professional transmit her knowledge to a new generation.  Ms. Whelan gives so many good tips and watching her technique in ballet class is priceless!

      Wendy Whelan  is an absolute treasure!

      What’s that song again the pianist plays…

      Too bad he resigned as the artistic director :/

      lindo muito obrigado
      Stanly Williams stuff
      this looks amazing!
      Yes, it is a beautifully done and danced movie but, most importantly to me, a former dancer, teacher and choreographer is what he says about the ART of dancing, the ART in every dancer and how the teacher, choreographer has the responsibility of making that ART flow from within the dancer to create the ART of DANCING. ALL dancers, young and not so young, and the parents of future dancers, SHOULD watch this movie, it teaches a LOT of respect for the dancer and for the ART of dancing called DANCE..
      Wendy Whelan would make a wonderful new AD for the NYCB.
      I just ordered Restless Creature for my students to watch. Wendy is an inspiration, she is so beautiful and yet REAL , sharing her art with so many
      So heartfelt and wonderful playing of the pianist! Who is it? Much appreciatied by me as a musician… Greetings to him from a Berlin artist!.
      I liked the class very much BUT although it’s nice to have an overview of the whole class, for us who want to follow it at home, it would be better to focus on just one barre in order to detail the exercises. Also, the audio sucks. We cannot hear the teacher’s instructions. Hope you will edit a better version..
      This is fabulous because WENDY! I wish I could hear her a little better.
      I cannot believe some of these students that do not have their tights in their shoes. They are not company members.
      Love this !! Absolutely brilliant..

      Unfortunate she isn’t wearing a microphone, can barely hear her.
      It’s an amazing documentary, go see it if you have the chance ! (I’m french and it was released last year here actually)


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