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      06.02.2019 at 16:19 #3587

      DOWNLOAD ,WATCH Loving Pablo


      that wasn’t a good movie for me..👎👎
      So, the CIA shoot Pablo down, so they can monopolize the drugs industry. hmm what a world we live in.
      No country for old men braught me to him!!!
      This looks like is gonna be horrible!! Escobar never spoke English
      My best Pablo Wagner Moura everytime!. He is real. He spoke spanish. İt’s more realistic for pablo escobar. I want to hear puta!!. İt’s fucking so good!. =)
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo aimar
      thought was indian for moment
      Bardem looks amazing as Pablo, cool trailer but shouldnt it be all in Spanish? with the English spoken only done Americans of course. it is after all set in Columbia.
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo garcia
      If Bardem is doing this, no one can do better than him. His one dialogue is equal to whole narcos series!!!
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo software
      Columbians must understand that rest of the wprld cant whatch El patron del mal, actually its good series but it is like tv novela and lot of amaterism, its full of details and real events but we dont understand it the way you are, you are living in pablos country..
      wtf is that accent
      I found myself trying to read the closed-captioning. And I don’t know Spanish.
      Musím povedať že lepšieho herca nemohli vybrať ani sa to nedá bardem sa na to 110%-ne, hodí palec hore
      Parody of Narcos series
      Hollywood needs to get over Pablo
      Netflix has so much money that they can experiment with a version of Game of Thrones without gore and nudity.
      Better than narcos is El patron del mal on Netflix. 75 episodes. Seen them all in like 2 weekends.
      javier barden ,kinda looks like fransesco de vito,(peter on the passion of the christ)
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo de
      With this trailer, you just spoiled all the plot 😛 it’s like watching narcos in 2 mins
      this is wrong…. very wrong…. like since when colombians speak english??? this shit downgrades the quality like 95 percent.
      Qué horror!!!! No pega ni ahí el acento ni el idioma, una historia colombiana hablada en inglés y con acento colombiano wtf!!!, nosé que quisieron inventar??? Además traen actores españoles!!! Cualquiera… Creo que con Narcos y El Patrón Del Mal ya está más que contada la historia, todo lo demás es copia berreta.. Hay que saber cuándo decir Basta..
      For what? We have all seen in Narcos.


      I love gangster movies but in reality the society which they lived or lives in has to put their heads in shame. Netflix made millions from pablo’s series but audience forget it is the people who suffer. Only when u do something good for the people something innovative only then your people and your society can hold their heads high up in the sky that will be proudest moment..

      Why did they make this film ? and if they really did feel it necessary why do it in English, and to add to the insult use corny Spanish accents and as if it couldn’t be any more of an insult , casting Spanish actors. I really hope it bombs , Narcos did the Escobar thing so much better.

      Vaaaaaamossssss, en cuánto esté en los Torrents, A DESCARGAR!!!! Jajajajaja. Por cierto, mala voz elegida para Javier. Cuándo empezó en Hollywood se doblaba así mismo, pero ya no. ya le han puesto voz. Esta peli casi mejor en V.O, no?...

      who thinks narcos is better than this?

      Even though Narcos Basically covers this all you have to Admit Javier makes this movie looks 10x nicer

      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo neruda

      All we are missing is the Bollywood version😏 Loving Pablo Patel😂

      English is Columbia national language ??? This is a disgrace & an insult to every columbian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo software solutions
      My God, this is like the 8th portrayal of Escobar since 2010 or something like that…we get it.
      Although I love Bardem but Moura played Pablo in narcos like near perfection. If they wanted to make a movie they might as well hire Moura again. And trailer looks exactly like taking chunks out of narcos..
      Javier is such a damn good actor.

      2:02 limon in the house!!!!

      Narcos was perfect to watch Escobar’s lifestory.
      A kilo of cocaine, in Columbia, does not cost $7,000 today, let alone in 1989.
      I would love to see that movie
      Maaaan javier, ur an amazing actor bro, but should have checked wagner’s works first, no one can beat that foo
      You’d have thought that the success of Narcos was enough proof that there is a non-braindead audience out there, somewhere, an audience capable of following a program that is not in their native tongue and, lo and behold… read subtitles! Likewise, that same audience will find that Escobar’s story with English dialogue is utterly ridiculous. Who the hell made this moronic decision?.
      Ehh, Wagner Moura played a better Pablo
      No inventen, este actor se parece mas a Luis rey el papá de Luis Miguel, que a Pablo Escobar
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo casals
      Wagner is better
      preview.english.language.Loving.pablo picasso
      nechapu proc do toho cpou tu umrdanou anglictinu , ta tomu Pablovi vubec neslusi … v Narcos Moura daval spanelsky a melo to mega grady , tohle je saskarna vypichana.
      pablo should hav e focus more on the American cia agent..


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