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      04.02.2019 at 04:49 #2729

      WATCH ^ STREAM Pilgrimage


      Tom Holland is a good actor

      sons of anarchy

      me encantan las peliculas donde hay un viaje de por medio y un lugar donde llegar como la comunidad del anillo , cuando veo ese tipo de pelicula es como estar ahi (no se si soy el unico).

      This is my absolute favorite movie, but this trailer makes it look pretty bad 🙁 It’s no wonder I went in with reservations! Lol..

      lil uzi vs the world

      Reminds me of Satan’s Alley

      This trailer looks like it was made by a 15 year old using premiere for the first time..

      Perhaps, one of the most under-rated films of all time!

      This looks horrible.

      Dry in the beginning, with a long march but worth the wait for the medeval gore and action. What’s better than having spiderman, the Punisher and Ocen shield in a, gritty melee swinging, medeval action flick!..

      it seems to be Peter Parquagh

      Bernthal is on fire.
      Finally! A Spider-Man/Punisher crossover
      Scott Pilgrim 2 PLEASE!
      Edgar Wright is an incredible film editor with the best damn transitions of this decade..
      Tom Holland haciendo exactamente lo que hizo Andrew Garfield después de interpretar a Spider-Man… es tan típico….
      How the heck have I not seen this movie yet
      The ancient times of Ireland are fascinating, yet rarely represented in cinema. This film offers a glimpse of the burgeoning Christian faith, ancient and mysterious pagan traditions, and military upheaval. These forces characterise Ireland in the 1200s. There are clashes between belief systems and brutal military forces. The film portrays devout faith and a closeness to nature. The hills and valleys are beautiful, and often depicted in a suitably harsh and forbidding manner, while the plot and characters are nicely layered with good action-packed twists and turns.
      I recommend this film to anyone with an interest in Ireland, ancient times, or religion..
      Wheres Jon Bernthal?

      Peter when Tony said find yourself another father figure he didnt mean this lol
      About as intriguing as getting a vasectomy with a hangover.
      2018 I watch this ob my Netflix
      Perceval, le Conte du Graal
      I loved this movie, for all of the reasons others have praised it–and I don’t feel the need to repeat the plot points or “all of those reasons” here. Yet almost everyone seems to have missed the point of the ending–and yes, there IS a point. It is NOT ambigious in the least. I won’t give anything away here except will say that if you have paid attention–to the story, to the characters, to their motives, you will indeed “get it”. No it doesn’t give you “happily ever after” finite, “the end”, but it does provide an end to the story they were telling–and the rest of what comes after isn’t part of that story..

      I think Im here today just because I get lost in YouTube… but honestly, the only thing I thought while watching this was : Oooh ! Look ! There’s Captain America in this movie !. Am I the only one ?.

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