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      ➠➝ WATCH Paul Heaton: From Hull To Heatongrad ⇦←

      Go on Paul!!!….she was a cruel woman…that’s a fact…pauls never forgotten his roots and friends…god bless him
      The most underrated singer/songwriter of his generation…

      Pauls best video in years!
      Why isn’t this a huge hit?
      What a lovely catchy pop tune, Excellent indeed. The video features a NSM Prestige ES160 Jukebox I know this because i have one and i was VERY excited to see it!.
      Jacqui Abbott 👌
      It sounds like just a few things that I ain’t in some places.
      Brilliant song and video, as always
      Mrs Thatcher sucks she made my family saver the brtch yeah hes so right about her ever heard he said about her is do true she was a old wich.
      Big Paul dressed as a priest on a bike… Class.
      Love this song! Got a Northern Soul vibe to it!
      they will be queuing a while to get in to the futurist it’s been shut years but great song and video nice to see Scarborough on the video

      Love it! ! I’m from the midlands!,,, car factory central! Got tickets for hull. Got questions for Paul … Anti brexit… Lost my job under labour!! Oh…. And so did 6k off my family!! Loved his sky news interview!!! Classic. He so correct… Them days… You knew red from blue!! Any one who knows him… Ask him to call the walls on stage at the hull light stadium… I wanna shake his hand. Xxx.
      Grandiose Musik! Thank you, Paul!
      Paul as the priest brings back memories of Caravan of Love. Nice video.
      Nice one paul

      Love it. Brilliant songwriter.
      the hitmaker does it again.brilliant
      Paul Heaton is a genius ❤️
      brilliant video and jacqui couldn’t get any more beautiful.
      simply timeless Music & Lyrics
      I get it!! Getting old now!!
      omg please go away and retire
      Great Video!! Keep up the great work!!!
      I was there 😋🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎆🎆🌠
      good riddance now just get rid of cameron the smug git hate him
      Thats good britoins dont feel the pathetic nostalgia towards Thatcher years like americans feel towards Reagan who was just a good looking loudmouth who happened to be in right place right time and did not actually anything good..
      Great song as expected from these two. A real foot tapper.
      Bringing Politics into music. What a disrespectful twat.
      Reminds me of Chas and Dave type thing. I really like this
      Reyt tune reyt voice both of them all toghether they are amazing group all the way from the house martins beautiful south and now still going strong why arnt these in the mainstream.
      Labour Party is still the only party for the workers, and David’s party is still the party of the posh and the wannabes!
      Many thanks for sharing this, What a genius Paul is
      Why does the daft lad singing think he’s American?
      Was the roof leaking?
      margret thatcher was a cunt hope she is rotten in hell
      Filmed in The Grafton, Hull, I’ve had a pint in that exact place Paul is sat. Also, has he used locals in this video, I recognise a couple of people.

      the beers shit in here, shall we go somewhere else bigboy? haha quality!.

      please say your both coming to Dublin…………soon


      As usual, as ever, simply brilliant, can’t wait to see the when they come to Dublin.

      One of the prison guard’s is my drama teacher

      Imagine being one of the 2 people that gave this the thumbs down

      Love this. Great combination of Jacqui’s fantastic voice and Paul’s brilliant songs.

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