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      Taken 23: Shallow Depth of Field Cut

      who cried after saw this movie?? it’s so emotional.

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      it looks action packed and somewhat interesting but i have to say : THOSE CGI Effects are just…just kisses fingers like an italian stereotype seriously , some of them look like ps2 graphics lol.

      Also American campaign in Korea was an epic fail; divided a people for no reason..

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      Welcome to Korea, Liam Neeson.
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      This movie will send Kim into a seizure. Now that’s a good thing.

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      Operation Chromite aka Operation K-Pop.
      I win wars. With specific skills I have acquired over many years.
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      Rating: 50% – 8 votesOperation Chromite movie reviews & Metacritic score: South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Jang Hak-soo and 7 members of the KLO (Korean Liasion..
      Awesome war movie! Go see it!
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      the CGI looks like shit
      Bum Soo Lee ? You don’t call your kid ‘Bum’ unless you really hate it.
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      Americans finally made a movie about the Korean war

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      Arc Light (1965) — US B-52 bombing campaign in Vietnam; Attleboro (1966) — U.S. and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) air mobile operations in Tây Ninh.; Babylift (1975) — mass evacuation/airlift of orphans from South Vietnam to the U.S. and other countries; Barrel Roll (1964–73) — the bombing of Laos by U.S. forces, to support the Royal Laotian Army and CIA-trained Hmong..

      What about 1400 Filipino elite soldier vs 40000 communist soldier who held the Line!! offer their lives for the liberty of South korean!!! Mac arthur said give me 1000 filipino soldier and will conquer the world!!!!.
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      Operation Chromite | Netflix
      Looking forward to a Chinese response titled something like Crossing the Yalu or Chosin Reservoir (probably not starring Liam Neeson as Mcarthur, though).

      The Operational Art of War: Volume IV (2017) – This is the latest TOAW game engine. Much has been changed – the GUI has become a little bit more modern; and more detailed naval rules are now extant..
      When are they gonna make a movie when America gave millions of dollars for American lives as part of a ransom deal ?
      Tweefontein PGM. 100 tph chromite & PGM recovery plant for Sylvania Metals in South Africa.
      :46 seconds.. nice tire squeal. good lord.
      Well they Hollywooded that all to hell and back.
      so this is the forgotten war.
      South korea won the war under the leadership of Douglas MacArthur and a few Korean drama actor.

      I think it would’ve been bomb to have Bruce Willis be General MacArthur.
      Made the mistake of watching the english dub version. Which was hilarious and wife walked in on me laughing hard while everyone was getting shot.
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      Liam Neeson: I will find you Kim yun jun Kim yun jun: Good Luck. Taken Korea.
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      Ahhh yes, I too remember Douglas MacArthur having a strong Irish accent.
      glorify korean war too, like viet war……truth is, they both resulted in US casualties far exceeding the deaths on other side, the outcomes remained indecisive anyways. 1 push from china n back to 38th parallel. all those deaths for nothing. if making a movie on korean war it shud be realistic, explaining the politics n how it resulted in nothing..
      Operation Chromite. 2016NR Military Dramas. To pave the way for a major amphibious invasion, a team of South Korean spies goes behind enemy lines to steal..
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      Booooooooooooooring total… looks like all war movies from usa

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      Sorry but this looks horrible…
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      Liam Neeson is totally awesome but WTF!! he is doing in Korea??
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