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      ➝➛ DOWNLOAD ; WATCH Colette ⇦⟵


      Oh wow this movie looks so good time to my put my family law into perspective

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      Holy shit I’ve never been this excited for a movie

      I can’t wait for this!!!

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      Jehovah witnesses can’t take blood transfusions, there’s reasons behind that but there is other ways around it. Blood plasma fractions and reinfusions of their own blood are two prime examples. You can also use anything artificial..

      Mel Gibson version he used his abilities to make women happy. Taraji P. Henson version she used her abilities to destroy men..

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      This was clearly written by a woman…

      Matt Dillon !

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      I just skip a beat looking at the girl… wow she is pretty

      Wait. All of you guys commenting how light-hearted and romantic this movie seems makes me question if I understood the trailer : we’re talking about a woman who has absolutely no problem with cheating on her husband with his favorite idol and even invites him at her place, right ?.

      watch all the white guys in this movie be ether raging misogynists or gay and the black guys be funny and or the perfect man. lol

      YES YES YES!!! Felicity jones and the story of the incredible RBG?!?! Christmas cannot come soon enough!!

      Chris O’Dowd? I’m down

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      Assaulting a man by hitting him in the balls for thinking the wrong thoughts is totally justified. Imagine Mel Gibson assaulting a women in his movie for thinking something he didn’t approve.
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      This looks fantastic. I can’t wait!
      Like Glenn Close and Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson is an incredible actress and can make any part shine.
      Matt should’ve aged, the boy should’ve been asian and it’s nice to Caviezel again.
      What is the hang up about feminists? Does this trailer really trigger yall that bad? Damn. The movie looks funny af. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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      A movie starting Arm and Hammer, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and a Jyn Urso who’s accent constantly keeps slipping in and out. …I’ll watch it.
      1:38 so Ruth Bader Ginsburg got her start working with New York City DA Jack McCoy?

      what men want No feminist agenda’s.
      This year is producing some wonderful films about women of a certain age. I love Emma Thompson and this looks like a really good film. Oh, and having Stanley Tucci in it doesn’t hurt either.
      nor does the word freedom oooh ooooooooh OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH
      This is the same as What women want with Mel Gibson.
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      I kinda died when they put BOSS from Fifth Harmony, especially cuz there not a group no more😪😭
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      Seriously? No one is gonna comment about how Chappelle said a movie like this COULD NOT BE DONE?????
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