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      06.02.2019 at 11:59 #3529

      DOWNLOAD The Untamed


      had to google Tom’s Diner by using the lyrics da da da da dadadada and then had to google what movie it was played in to get to Untamed Heart.. faintly remember this movie but remember hearing this song in a movie.. and I don’t know why I had to look all of this up. lol.

      When will the real trailer be released?😁

      what a sad story¡¡¡¡ :P

      wow! you are right. they do have some similarities. Hugh dancy is a hottie with acting talent, that deserves a bigger film career. 

      Weird..I’ll let you guys watch it first

      I just watched this 2 days ago. The part where they play, Try Me, why did they take out James brown and put that group instead? I remember James brown was singing it in the original one..

      OMG I guess I’m dyin’ !!!! I cant waittt

      @SuperGuyver1 ya…i have watched this movie over and over, and the more i watch it, the more i see what we have in common…we have a lot in common…my bf had a heart problem…nd he left me….

      I watched this movie more than five years ago, I’m sure. All I could remember is the do do do-ing in the background and couldn’t find that song or this film anywhere. My mother said I made up the whole thing when I tried to explain the plot, now I can’t believe I found it and finally now I can show her..

      My sister was like This movie is great and has Christian Slater in it. I told her to put it on ASAP! Then I ended up sobbing for half an hour lol..


      The Villainess.
      1:33 I was so hoping for a girl/girl action but we didnt get it unfortunately.
      whats the song someone answer please
      Tentacle porn galore. How the hell did the director get a silver lion for this.
      Who sings in the trailer 
      @DoyafEELmee It’s definitely out on DVD. I’ve had it for several years now. And there’s a soundtrack CD with Cliff Eidelman’s score. In 1993 I paid $25 Cdn for it, and it has only 23 minutes of music. Worth every penny. :).

      Who is it in 00.20? Is that xiao zhan (wei wuxian in that drama)?
      marisa deserved an Oscar nomination for this performance. I read that Madonna was offered this part, and she turned it down. I so happy she did. Madonna is an atrocious actress..
      This video makes it seem like a nice loving romance movie. But nope. This movie will destroy your soul and shatter your heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      whenever i watch this…it reminds me of my life…the sad truth of it is…it kinda IS my life

      Good movie – Watch it if you haven’t seen it. And if you have – Watch it again ;)

      You don’t have to love me back. I’m gonna give you my heart.
      Quando vai estar disponivel ?
      my songs know what you did in the dark
      I’m excited for this one. Amat Escalante directed Los Bastardos and Heli and they are really interesting films… not necessarily horror films, but still disturbing. So I’m ready for a full on horror from Escalante..
      What is the name of this song??…my mom used to play it when I was younger.
      One of my favourite movies. I love Marisa and Christian’s chemistry, and Rosie Perez is her usual witty self. Just watched it again for the first time in years, and cried. I prob know the whole script lol, but it never gets boring..
      I love this movie, and I watched it last night. 
      Well she was the coolest girlfriend evea

      0:31 WHOA HOTTIE!

      Marrisa is officially one of my favorite actresses because of this film
      I just watched this thee other day & i have to say it was a very sad movie…..Ha I sat at the end with the credits rolling by thinking …last time i checked This wasnt a disney movie??!.
      Man i fell in love with marisa tomei after this movie she was so hot then and still is!.
      Also I love this movie…just love, love, love it :P

      I think Fuego summed it up pretty well. I don’t know guys, this will probably not make it onto my watchlist. Thanks but no thanks..
      i love adam

      This is where according to my parents I got my name Adam. I love it.

      one of the best movies ever….
      I’m a guy and  I love this movie.  I relate very much to Adam , because  I’m the shy guy, except I’m not an orphan and my heart is in pretty good shape. I wish I could find a gorgeous and sweet woman like Marisa.
      What girl wouldn’t fall in love with Christian Slater in this movie?….he was so adorable…the ending is so hard to take…one of my favorite love stories………That’s Mars,  you just wished on a planet.
      Makes me miss the days you could smoke in a diner!
      An odd yet likeable movie


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