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      Dis movie was so guud n it really broke meh heart I love GOD n JESUS n the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!.

      They should have found Missy’s bones at the end of the movie jus like in the book.i guess I’ve never really know what people ment when they said the book is way better.if u haven’t read the should.still a great movie tho.


      God is dead And no one cares If there is a Hell I’ll see you there

      We are in the time of deception in these last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. You’re going to make a decision about which way you’re going to go. If you follow the Shack crowd, you’re going into the New Age, you’re going into the occult world, you’re going into taking the mark of the beast (Revelation 13), and you’re going into damnation… I beg you in the name of JESUS, pick up the old book The Holy Bible, read the old book, get on your knees and pray, ask God to be merciful to you a sinner and save you and write your name in the Lamb’s book of life (to write your name in heaven), forgive you of your sins, cover you by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name take that path. That is the right way. Anything else is damnation..

      All About Nina.

      I don’t know about this. I would like to know that it’s like this. All I know is that pain of losing your only kid at just 13 years old… Suddenly, violently and without reason. I am just grateful God let me be his Mother. But, the great sadness really never ends… It just gets a bit duller and less painful with the passing years. I can’t wait to die. Nothing really worth staying around for, but in his time – not mine. I learned that when I tried to join him – I got to see him and my Mother but was sent back. At least they got the glowing colors of all the different souls right….

      I never cried sooooo much this was excellent.

      El Espiritu Santo los esfuerza para caminar hacia adelante .


      I dont think that God or his written word has told anyone must do anything. He doesnt have control of our hearts, our minds, nor our soul. Therefore I dont believe he is responsible for anyone’s actions/decisi ons. Once understanding this, I believe we determine our destiny on our own. The bible/quran/or other spiritual writings are meant to guide us when we decide to use it and because much of the writing is not in the modern sense, one can either try to interpret it alone or with others at a place of worship. Yes, often in our history it has often resulted in men, women and children dying and the ones killing may invoke god/religion to justify those actions, which is wrong. Its just not wars either, all the bad stuff happens: rape murder molestation unknown illnesses accidents etc. cant blame God for that. What I got out of this movie… stop reading from here if you havent seen this movie or read the book…. …is the concept of forgiveness, how sometimes its easy, that most times its not easy, that its harder when you are attempting to address the pain of loss alone without loved ones around you, and how one deals with that loss. This movie illustrated a theory that a Ton of weight can be lifted off your shoulders if you can learn to let go and refusing to let go may act as a mental/spiritual straitjacket (drowning). you can agree or not. but this is my perspective on the movie and thought this movie was great. i honestly havent read the novel although maybe i will someday. cheers!.

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