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      05.02.2019 at 04:57 #3087

      DOWNLOAD Spirited Away


      Since when disney owns japanese movies
      this movie was a masterpiece my favorite anime movie all time
      I have this movie I just haven’t watched it I think I’m gonna tonight
      Würd ich auch so sehen. Für Kinder sind die ghibli-filme eher weniger^^; 
      Nostalgia: Never watched anime in my life, but was in a hotel for a week that played this trailer on the TV every 10 minutes and I just like: Well now I have to watch this movie…so I did. Now I watch anime XD.

      Them glasses tho

      I want to full movie

      I’m so excited to see this movie!👍👍👍👍👍👍🎈🎈🎈

      Spongebob its the kikis delivery service theme song I know it was you your the big fan of kikis delivery service no no I only love hook Casper and Jurassic park I swear DJ turn it up louder.

      this movie is the best Studio Ghibli film hands down although I can’t stand to watch the English dub version of it (b/c chihiro’s voice was just annoying af and haku didn’t even sound like a kid LOL).

      Still watching 2017.😍😂

      I’ve never seen this movie but judging by the trailer alone, it’s easy to see how Mary and the Witches Flower bit off of this.

      I believe with my whole heart that if we could make everyone in the world watch this film, that would be the best chance we could ever have of achieving world piece. It is THAT powerful..
      One of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a true masterpiece, which is why I’ll include it on my ultimate list of the greatest movies ever made. It’s not live yet but once I’m done coding the backend it’ll be live at
      This might the best movie ever created.
      Fun fact: just like it is informed in this video, when the movie came out in Japan, the movie was at first combined with My Neighbor Totoro. So people watched this depressing masterpiece after watching the cheerful story of Totoro. It is said that after two movies, there were some who couldn’t even stand up because of the shock, helplessness and sadness..
      I think it’s incredible that in Miyazaki’s entire film career, he never once made a bad film, or anything that came anywhere near being bad. My least favorite of his films is Porco Rosso, but event that is beautifully animated and deeply allegorical. We will miss you, Miyazaki!.
      awsome!! very nice movie
      I have been looking/trying to remember movie for almost eleven years since I saw it on Disney channel as a kid!!! I remember crying and loving it so much but I was so young I couldn’t remember what it was called. I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!!.

      the video of this set to Sufjan Stevens Fourth of July is brilliant… it sounds like a horrible concept, but listen….

      Most of foreign people who know Sprited away always say to me, I love your name or Your name is so nice! because my name is chihiro and the same name with a main character of this movie. I also love this movie. ☺️ That’s why I’m grateful to my parents who named me chihiro 😂.

      took me soooo long to figure what the name of this was… omg!! i remember seeing this on old VCR previews.

      thumbs up !

      she is a best character

      What is the name of background song playing in from middle n till last of this trailer ANY ONE PLEASE!!@/@
      Omg I completely forgot about this movie! I’m so glad I found it again.
      I cried at the ending.

      This movie gives me the feeling that Im actually exploring the world..
      Anyone else think of Epic?
      Last Letter Movie Stream in Hindi.

      Jo hisaishi’s music is so beautiful.
      FRUIT DROPS 😭😭
      Whats special about this movie is that you dont know who Chihiro should trust sometimes. By example, you dont know if she should trust Haku, Rin (the girl that works at the bath place) and Kamajii (the spider like man)..
      den film findest doch eh überall im netz zum online gucken

      One of Miyazaki’s best movies!

      May I know what is the title of the song used for this video? The song is beautiful and I want to hear it again and again :).


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