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      I agree man rings is very different from Friday the 13th people will go watch the movie it’s the Star Wars of horror man.

      Never Hike… Alone, lk21

      This is Crap. we need a new Friday the 13th movie. The last one was in 09. This is definately a better movie then the Ring series. Paramount is making a big mistake. They definately have impaired thinking and thought process. lets Release this Friday the 13th movie. Lets continue the saga!.


      Jason out here killing mfs again
      Just make the movie already it’s all about carnage candy, I mean you could put the 2 big icons of horror in anything ( Jason and Michael) and their movies would sell..
      A group of hiking YT content creators or something like that go to find the legendary lake and Jason comes back. Seems like it could work, but not with one guy with a pocket knife, Jason’s not Mike Myers..

      I saw the golden chainsaw

      I saw one bad review and figured that being an indie film maybe this was an honest review and all the other reviews were possibly friends of the filmmakers or cast mates trying to get some positive ratings on IMDB. I’m glad that I decided to take a chance and give this nice little gem a look for myself. I have no idea what that reviewer’s problem was, but this was actually a very entertaining fan film. The build up to the confrontation between the main character and Jason was well done. And the fight scenes were actually quite entertaining. I would really like to see what these people are able to accomplish in the future if someone will give them a decent budget and a good script. Well done and keep up the good work..

      this is below gay

      I really wish someone would remake the old classic horrors like Friday the 13th and Halloween but with the new age technology we have now
      เอาจริงดิ! อยากดูอ่าาา♥^^
      Fav movie can’t wait
      Is this real?
      i mean michael myers is gonna come with a new movie next month and if this movie was released it would have been absoulutely great and we would have had 2 great movies in a year only now i almost hate paramount.i hope a new jason movie will atleast come out in 2019 or 2020.
      Tommy Jarvis yay :D
      You know you’ve made it when your Kill Count video (2.3m as of October 2018) has more views than the actual movie itself (480,000 as of October 2018)..
      Never… Hike, Alone 1080p & Fast… Streaming – Get? free, access… to – watch

      “My god, this ain’t no TLC match”😂
      #BrideofJason lol
      ‘Never, Hike. Alone – Online… ‘, Leaked, 2018 & Titles:, 2018s… 1-10
      Damn! This was totally awesome! Took this old school! Keep up the amazing work! Love the fact you guys brought back Tommy Jarvis. That was the topping on the cake! I love this!
      11 minuites in and so far its better than the original Fridays already- ((im a huge fan of them but lets be real… the slow burn is BRUTAL… this at least has my interest!!
      AVALable… not available?

      I don’t know why they put Michael Bay on every damn movie. We have plenty of people out there. Maybe he has a snuff tape from a Hollywood executive party, that he keeps to secure his work.

      I am confused because when I went upstairs when Jason supposed to smash open the door I just saw him walk by and the door wasn’t smashed open, what do I do

      Half way through not a single kill

      That’s me!!!!🙌🙌🙌

      This is weird but last night I had a dream where I got arrested and I was crying cause I was child Jason Voorhees and I was made fun of it was weird af

      Some parts of movie filmed with GoPro, as my videos.
      oh yeah yeah
      Download, Never, Hike & Alone… Streaming
      Never? Hike. Alone… hd, in, hindi

      Deni got banged by jason
      A great movie should be a price to watch anyway it was great!
      Awesome! Watched it on the Blu Ray I received recently, and found it very entertaining and insightful. Definitely left me with having even more respect for you guys than before. Looking forward to your next F13 fan film!.
      Tommy Jarvis! OMG
      I cant get the green door to open for me someone help plz
      can you please make another Friday the 13th fan film
      They never came 2018
      Friday the 13th Part 13
      I count this as the 13th film in the series. And if I were to place it somewhere in the movies, it would be between Freddy vs Jason and Jason X. Where after Jason and Freddy fought, Jason ran into Kyle in this, ran after him and Tommy, but was captured by the people in Jason X..
      0:33 Jason behind him
      That for jason x
      Never, Hike & Alone Online – Hindi, HBO, 2018! Mojo… Watch. Online
      No Thx I dont want Get Jumpscares
      Never? Hike. Alone, free, streaming
      In my game Jason is seen walking after I find his axe and I cant open any doors
      Jason is back 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


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