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      He recorded several LPs.

      The Monster Project

      The Frozen Fire

      I did not know he was a real person

      miss you Lester!

      He looks like my Dad.

      As a teen in ’70s Cleveland, writing for CREEM was my aspiration. Lester was a god to me. In the ’80s, I wrote for an alternative weekly in Las Vegas, and was constantly getting kicked off the magazine for what would later be called political incorrectness, so I must have been doing something right..

      God I wish Bangs was alive to spew acidic bile at the the music of this century.

      Should have forgotten about Brian Ferry? It’s you, Lester, who was forgotten. Brian Ferry is still creating music, while you are, well, still dead. ELP plays pre-set solos? Well, um, the music is already written, Les, so they recreate it at a concert while throwing in some improv too. At least they did the four times I saw them..

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      Emerson Lake and Palmer….musical sterility. LMAO
      There is still great music today and there was great music in the 70s, but over time it became easier to find the bad stuff than the good stuff. Now there is plenty of good stuff but it is much lower key than the bad. With a few exceptions….
      It’s funny to watch this and think about how cynical this man was about music in the 70s, when I’m sure any one of us would have done terrible things to have grown up/experienced that era. In some ways, it was a musical golden age for popular music . . . compared to what’s available now.  DISCLAIMER: I am aware of the huge abundance of amazing music being produced now a days, but most of it is on the underground and wouldn’t be able to make the same heights it might’ve been able to 30-40 years ago. I am also aware that today is a golden era in the sense that anyone can make and distribute music to the entire world for pretty much free. .

      Perhaps the stupidest thing Bangs ever did was when he applied his corporate rock label to the band Boston.  Bangs even went as far to say that Boston created corporate rock.  He used this term to imply that 70’s super-groups like Pink Floyd, Styx, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Foreigner, etc were nothing but pawns of record corporations who cared nothing about the music they made.  Granted their success did generate a lot of revenue for these record corporations, but none of these bands can be accused of being partners with their record companies.   Anybody familiar with the history of the band Boston, knows how full of shit Bangs was because Boston founder Tom Scholz actually brought CBS Records to its knees with one of the most infamous lawsuits in rock n’ roll.    Until Scholz made his stand, all rock bands were treated like corporate slaves and expected to produce an album every 6 – 9 months and spend the rest of the time touring.  Scholz’s legal victory meant that bands could now take up to 2 years between successive albums. In reality, Boston was anti-corporate rock. If anything, Bangs’ anger was mis-directed.  In reality, he was angry at AOR radio stations, who would often play entire albums the day they were released.  This meant the public could hear the album immediately and make-up their mind if they liked the music instead of having to rely on music critics to screen the albums for them.  Thus, Boston’s debut album became the fastest selling debut album in history despite the fact that music critics like Lester Bangs and Robert Christgau tried their best to discredit them.  The fact that these bands were not indebted to these lame music critics for their huge success further enraged the critics who did their best to counter their success by ushering in the punk rock movement, which wasn’t being embraced by AOR radio. Even today, Boston’s More Than A Feeling and Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son are still popular songs that you hear on the radio all the time.  I can’t remember the last time I heard The Sex Pistols or Patty Smith.  This is proof that critics like Bangs and Christgau are good for only one thing–their ability to criticize using derogatory sarcasm that some people thought was funny..
      Why Lester Bangs was so important as a rock critic is that he did not write to be agreeable, he wrote what he found entertaining to him, and his writing, while occasionally a mixed bag, was frequently brilliant and incisive. Even if I didn’t agree with him, I always wanted to know what he had to say, then formed my own opinion. Lester would make you think about his subjects..
      Boy! Howdy! & The, Story. of? CREEM & Magazine. cast
      I’m so glad the era of the media where the critics themselves could become famous is over- and I say that as a music journalist! No-one should gain notoriety from spewing forth such arbitrary and dismissive opinions. The main job of any critic should be to simply describe their subject as much as possible, giving the reader some idea of whether or not they’ll like it. Who’s he to say that people shouldn’t appreciate Emerson, Lake And Palmer for their virtuosity alone? It’s as valid as any reason.

      @ericblowtorch the greatest writer of the 20th century? He’s not even the best music critic of the 20th century. .
      I disagree with his comment about Emerson Lake & Palmer.
      looks very interesting!!
      I wonder what he would say about the seemingly irrelevant, vapid excuse for music in America today? 
      Watch- & Boy, Howdy!. The, Story. of… CREEM, Magazine, Online, Online – Free
      This is because music of all forms saw a splintering going into the 70’s. The -isms that gave such stars a position started fading out in favor of a more individualized approach. Instead of one catch-all aspiration we have a collective of groups that grew more varied as time went on. The search for individual sounds in the late 60’s was certainly a key factor in this. Parallel to this, almost anyone who could be considered a star since didn’t carry that same sense of purpose..

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      CREEM = Punk magazine before Punk magazine.
      GY!BE is an excellent group also. 
      music sterility at its pinnacle ahhhh you never lived to see technical death metal
      100 %%%%%%%%%%%%%
      Sounds like a turd to me. Drills whole in every musician actually to the time to learn to play, then drones on orgasmically about pretentious, no talent, wankers like Lou Reed. Trying so hard to pretend that he’s cooler than you are, yet he never paid to get into any show or bought any of those records that he savages. Hitler couldn’t make the cut in art school and took it out on the world. Thank god this putz could only get to you if you volunteered to take it. Critics: soulless, limp-wristed no talents who can neither write, perform, or produce a single original thought. There must be a factory out there, in some dark place, that keeps turning these guys out. The bigger they think that they are, the bigger assholes they always seem to become….

      I like Pavement, particularly the early stuff but my subjective tastes have moved largely toward drone and noise the past few years. 
      just what the world needs, another white male babyboomer blowjob
      @Reese1492 Led Zeppelin?
      I really think he would have like the indie/college rock scene of the 80’s and 90’s when rock music was deconstructed down by bands like R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, and Pavement..

      g.g. allin the true king of rock
      Damn good writer.
      ‘Cause we are uncool. 
      Even though I absolutely love the bands he’s ripping into here, I still think what he had to say was valid.
      according to Lester Bangs who was the biggest band of the 70s?
      I think he was in denial that zeppelin was the band of the 70s lol. Whether you like them or not it’s kinda hard to ignore the fact
      …BTW, the ‘Q version did mention both Hit Parader and Circus and showed at least one HP cover. I am named Walter, not Kristen. So one of your female interviewees worked at MTV during their 80s glory years? The ‘Q version didnt exactly spell that out. TomSregall was more if the 80s-90s fanzine era, why h you didn’t’t as much cover – Granted, a later time and less.commercially/mainstream prominent and only so much time… Interesting to hear Alternative Press mentioned by Stegall, that was never evoked in the KQED version. I.

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      Very true!

      If he doesnt dig Elp, he knows nothing bout music, sorry, but Elp is more than flashy music, listen to the albums…..specially Brain Salad Surgey
      ohh the fights he’d get into with Lou Reed! That mag was my bible through my teens and I loved Lester immensely.
      While I highly respect Lester Bangs’ contributions to rock journalism, I find his opinions to be extremely snobbish and somewhat close-minded.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a very eloquent writer and he is entitled to his opinions, but after reading his Black Sabbath review I just cringed..
      This guy’s favorite record is Astral Weeks, so the least I can do is listen to what he has to say..
      Cocaines a hell of a drug.
      he makes some great points esp regarding ELP. 

      I was a loyal customer.
      Sinatra in the 40s, Elvis in the 50s,The Beatles in th 60s, Led Zeppelin in the 70s, Van Halen in the 80s, Nirvana in the 90s.
      Phillip Seymour Hoffman played him brilliantly in Almost Famous 🎶❤
      Telling the greatest writer of the 20th century to ‘just shut the fuck up’ suggests that you are a) a scribe of superior abilities, or b) you just don’t get it. Which is it?.

      Boy, Howdy!, The. Story… of… CREEM… Magazine. download? in… hindi

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