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      one question, how can such a happy beat song be so sad? every time i hear this i bawl my eyes out. the whole movie starts playing out in my head.
      Awesome… When I heard it again this song I remembered how I cried on that movie midnight sun..beautiful love story but sad ending..

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      This is not a copy of everything everything. This is the remake of Japanese movie named タイヨウのうた(Taiyou no uta) (song to the sun) which was released in 2006 and played by YUI And actually I like the original way better.

      She whack

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      They are practically copying Everything, Everything except for the fact that it’s an all white cast this time

      I love this song😍😍😍

      Well im a bit late, but i just saw the movie, and i cried…
      So another Everything Everything

      This is from japanese drama movie about the singer yui they made a us movie what did i miss !?
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      Napanuod ko ang tong movie na to…ang.pogi ni patrick..😍😍😍 pero mejo sad ung ending…😢😢😢neto…naiyak ako nalungkot,pero sadyang ganun ang buhay…hindi palaging happy ending…
      I actually already watched the movie.. The ending was so huhuhuhuhh😭
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      What’s the song towards the end?
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      Dude I thought it was a copy of Everything Everything
      Jena hope mayang love 💞🎶🤗😊😀😇😃😍
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      HAHA people were so funny saying that this was copied from Everything, Everything when this was just a Hollywood version of a Japanese Movie (2006). Umm maybe, Everything, Everything is the one that should be questioned. BTW both movies are great, but there’s really no need to compare them LOL..

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      The saddest movie , i watch it one hour ago & i can’t stop my tears 😭😭💔 i was like no she is not dead 😢

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      I’m dying to see that movie on the internet why it has not landed yet.
      Allora, sono andata a vedere il film al cinema alla prima con il mio ragazzo… Ho pianto dal momento della registrazione fino ai titoli di coda… Trasmette una quantità di emozioni indescrivibili che non è minimamente immaginabile!.

      Couldn’t stop crying in this movie Love you Bella 🌻🌈💜×2540.
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      At the end of the movie, I was worse than katie

      I saw the film is so romantic it make me cry i love this song

      Sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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      was great but she died 😭
      I just saw this movie last week. And this kind of movie na hindi ako magsasawa panoorin. . 😍😍😍😍

      is that partick?
      be a good girl, please… bella
      I just watched this movie and it made me cry.. Beautiful thou 😍
      One of the saddest movie ever which made me cry…. but it’s just so beautiful and encouraging how Bella and her dad were fighting against the sick along with her best friend beside her to be honest the movie just gave me more strength and lessons which I just realized deeply.. Tqsm for such inspiring movie.
      I love this movie we all know are thoughts about Bella Thorne but come on this was a good movie a good one I seen in a long time.
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      This is like the movie everything everything
      lol yeah they would find a way to try and make a disease as simple as no sunlight a big deal. I don’t have that disease and I still get no sunlight. Give me those special windows ungrateful.
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      w̸a̸t̸ a̸ w̸o̸n̸d̸e̸r̸f̸u̸l̸ m̸o̸v̸i̸e̸ 😜😜😍😍
      I watched the movie and cried at the end it was so sad
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      I cried so hard
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      I love the movies you made me cry😢😢
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      taiyou no uta?
      Movie: She wants to feel the sun Me: ohh your gonna regret it darling 😂😂 especially when your country is near in equator 😂😁.
      this is EXACTLY like A walk to remember movie…. omg. :(
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      People who dislike the song sorry that’s not the place to download it
      Alteration of everything everything or wha?
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      The mistake of this mivie 1 sad movie but happy sng, a sster keeper mistake. Look krean, sad movie, sadly lyric 2 cuttin the sad part, a doofus mistake such a walk rember. Thats a dyin, but when audence feel sad, they just jumped t next episod, left dyin thin 3 the movie took from japanese, its have lot audence in asya. They waitin a really sad movie, bettr than japanese versn 4 japanese success by put all burden in the heart if audence. No happy, when the movue finished, all audence felt sad. Thats an addictive txin, thats why japanes, skrean growin fast.

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