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      ➜➔➜➔ STREAM MET Opera: Magic Flute ◀⟸◀⟸


      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute – Special Encore movie reviews and ratings rating of 5.00 out of 5 Stars.

      It seems effortless for her vocal talent She is wonderful.

      A bold, excellent and powerful soprano performance, with the richness and color of a mezzo-soprano vocal timbre. Stunning. Legendary.

      An abridged Zauberflöte and sung in English… at the Met? I thought this was a premier opera house, not a children’s theater.

      That costume was the most ridiculous thing ever. I saw this production in 2007 and was sorely disappointed


      Metropolitan Theatres | Met Summer Encore: The Magic Flute

      Assisti na tv cultura ano passado. Alguém sabe onde baixo completo em hd  ? Mozart the Magic Flute: Julie Taymor, James.

      I’ve never heard it in English before. So refreshing to be able to understand the lyrics
      Sängerin sehr gut ! Kostüm schrecklich langweilig.
      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute – Celebrated director Julie Taymor, who brought The Lion King to Broadway, casts her spell on Mozart’s..

      The Magic Flute – Live in HD (DVD) – Met Opera |.
      Noooo, not in english pleassse !!! it’s so bad when it’s not on VO !!! Deutch is the VO … But … tks for the sharing 😉 ;)
      Three Identical Strangers
      Really? You couldn’t post the whole thing? Jessica Pratt is fantastic and I can actually understand her English
      why the English accent?
      It’s nice to finally understand what Queen of The Night is saying. I usually watch the version in other languages and it’s fun either way

      This is incredibly impressive, especially for being a translated version.
      Yet more Mozart? WE WANT SALOME!!!!!
      Jessica has that big dramatic coloratura voice that is perfect for this role.
      The Metropolitan Opera: Magic Flute Celebrated director Julie Taymor, who brought “The Lion King” to Broadway, casts her spell on Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” Dancing bears, flying birds, even a giant serpent–all are brought vividly to life through Taymor’s ingenious use of puppetry..
      Damn here i was thinking her German diction was awful and turns out that was English? Yikes.
      Pratt is wonderful.
      This is okay, but Ms. Pratt KILLED IT at Disney Hall this past weekend. The final Hort! (she sung in German) tore the roof off the house! Truly an artist to watch..
      “The Metropolitan Opera HD Live” Mozart’s The.
      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute Special Encore (2016) Synopsis. A special encore performance of the first ever Live in HD broadcast, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, will be presented on Saturday, December 3 in select cinemas nationwide..

      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute Special Encore NR Playing at the following locations: An encore performance of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, will be shown in select cinemas nationwide on Saturday, December 1..
      I don’t know…the costume and setting don’t fit quite right with me. I know Magic Flute is fantasy but this setting just doesn’t give the right vibe. The costume is too silly for me. And the aria seems a bit sped up? I usually love the shows the Met pulls on but I’m not feeling this one. Sorry😔.
      Whatever language it is sung in, this is a very difficult aria to sing. I wish we could hear the F6s though..
      Is she bald??
      I’d love to attend MET performances, but the exchange rate, the cost of tickets and stay, the restaurants… all this would eat a sizable chunk of my retirement, son I can’t go..
      I don’t understand the costume…
      Plain awful.
      Swear or die…good mom…great mom…best mom

      from the German libretto to English from the Egyptian theme to Chinese why?
      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute – | Movie Synopsis.

      Gurll you slayy with that banner-collar-piece-thing 😩💯
      Diana Damrau ver is honestly the best lol
      The dress is horrible!! It’s iluminat, aren’t??!!
      I have no problem with the english lyrics as long as they stick to the script, but seriously the lyrics here are so changed. Hear the mother’s oath or something similar is not that difficult at all to adapt to the lines (just as many others) since english is a west-germanic language too..
      I saw many people now who wanted to watch the video in German. Just type it in German, then you will find it: Königin der Nacht or Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen. That is the original title. I suggest these two videos, just copy and paste the words within the : Diana Damrau – Queen of the Night (The Magic Flute) -> This is just a great performance Edda Moser – Der Hölle Rache – Mozart – Die Zauberflöte -> This is a very hysterical queen, and it suits the song perfectly.
      She kind of sounds like she isn’t singing it right

      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute Special Encore
      The Metropolitan Opera: The Magic Flute – Special.
      One of the most underwhelming production I have seen of this opera. July Taylor was great creating The Lion King but this production is disappointing. If the MET wants to attract a new younger audience they have to come up with a better presentation. This goes for most of their presentations . May what we see be in harmony with the sound..
      Wait… this is in English…?


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