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      Golden globes brought me here..Who else?

      “Tell me about yourself, what is your occupation?” “I do. I am a King maker”. 👏🏻

      pretty good, i am looking forward to see the movie if it ever comes out, hope i am not too late (64) 

      Christian Slater – Interview With a Vampire 2


      Very similar to French movie me et mme adelman

      I love Glenn Close. She was scary on Fatal Attraction but a good actress. Have her on The Natural and Guardians of the Galaxy.

      interesting. after years of standing close by and watching others in her field win its most prestigious award, Glenn Close may actually win said award playing a fictional character who does the same. I think she used real life emotions to get deep into this role. wow..

      Rendezvous. in & July, gostream

      Yes give Glenn her damn Oscar!!!

      WINNER ❤️👏👏👏

      Watch? Online, Rendezvous, in & July & And? Full. Download

      I want Glenn to get the Oscar but it was a terrible movie.
      Kudos Glenn Close , you got your golden globe and made one hell of a speech…bravo.
      It would be a great piece of Sci-Fi if a director like kubric take the challenge to make a movie inspired  on Rendezvous with Rama I look for that sometime in the future,
      Hopefully Gaga takes the Oscar
      Want to see them from that opening scene…

      even his name is so classy

      Chappier drague un peu
      Looks painfully, agonizingly …. true
      Just watched #TheWife last night. And I still can’t get over with the film’s shocking reveal! The movie and its story is more like a gripping thriller. And yes, Glenn Close’s complex silent acting does help!.
      More beautiful like Alain Delon…
      I can’t believe she hasn’t won an Oscar yet, the woman’s career has been fantastic this has got to be her year.
      Shes a far better actress than Streep. Her performances are more restrained and thoughtful. Streep was excellent in her early days but now shes just awful..
      Hello, I’m Stana’s South Korea fan.🤗 I want see this movie in South Korea theater.😭 In Korea, the release plan of this movie? 😅
      wow, make a full length show.

      And the Oscar for the best actress in a leading role………….Glenn Close
      In the words of Cruella De Vil “more good women have been lost to marriage than famine, war, disease and disaster! You have talent darling, don’t squander it!” Give Queen Glenn her Oscar already..
      i thought, the husband looked so familiar, and someone that i dislike for some reason….so i searched…….ahhhhhhh he’s in Game of Thrones…………………….

      les droits de l’homme ,

      she wasn’t so nice on the set of the natural. I still thinks she should get it though.

      I don’t do guns LOOOL kate beckett
      Saw this movie at TIFF and it’s fantastic. Her performance is heartbreaking.
      Glenn Close to Oscar award
      Give this woman her Oscar! Glenn Close 2019 Best Actress!
      This is a movie I want to see.
      She better win that Oscar. 30 years overdue. They academy better not give it to some starlet like they have been.
      If Glenn Close losses, she shall tie with Richard Burton with 7 Nominations, and just 1 Nomination shy to tie the record of 8 Nominations currently held by Peter O’Toole.
      ascenseur pour l echafaud

      Rendezvous, in – July! on, 123movies
      Superb acting… Soulful music score…
      Good movie, good script, really good casting !
      the oscar is WAYYYYY overdue for Glenn Close. Don’t screw up, Academy and give this legend the recognition she deserves.
      Rendezvous, in. July? no? sign. up
      Thank goodness they are still making incredible movies like this. Glenn Close deserves her Oscar.
      I’ll watch it!
      Finally another great role for Glenn Close! Ηope they give her the Oscar at last
      She made me glad I was homosexual because she scared the heck out of me in the rabbit cooking movie. Loved it!
      Glenn and Vanessa Redgrave have the same profile

      She is so frickin awesome. End of story.

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