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      Everyone is wondering “How to level up your character and whether worth doing it at all?»

      Well, certainly worth! You asking “why?” I’m going to answer the question in this guide.

      Firstly, with higher levels many different features become available. They will allow your hero to gain more combat power, so you feel he becoming stronger and mightier.

      Secondly, boosting up your level you gain more opportunities to interact with your fellows. It allows you to make a brand new combat formations, so you become ready for new challenges! You’ll be able to change formations the way you like preparing your fellows for upcoming battles.

      In addition, the level and combar power of the main character depends on the fellows’ level, equipment enhancement and talisman strength.

      Thirdly, reaching a certain level, you get more gold. It allows you to buy the desired items in the store. There’re always some items you cannot afford, but they becoming easier to get with level-up.

      I assume you now have another question — «Where can I get experience to increase the hero’s level and how to raise the level of recruits?»

      The main source of experience are the main storyline quests. Going through the story you learn more about Rakshasa street and get the most piece of experience points. You can also find another kind of quests in the Quest list. Follow them to gain an additional experience. The rest of experience points can be obtained by passing the basic and elite dungeons.

      To increase the level of your fellows, you can either use one of the special experience item (Pancake, Glue Pudding, Brocade Box), or get experience in the same ways as the main character.

      Well, now you know the answers and ready to go further on the world of Rakshasa!

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