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      Doesn’t she belong to game of thrones??.
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      saoirse is a common irish name ffs
      I’m so haappy other people adore Timothée :D
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      Best Irish female actor since Brenda Frecker.
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      the porn star right there at 1:53
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      She is skinny again. But before, does anyone know if she gained weight for role in Brooklyn?
      This a documentary of Larry Bird’s wife
      Hot summer nights Mid july When you and I were forever wild
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      she always do great movie i need this film in my life .💜

      The movie was perfect

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      God she’s beautiful.

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      This looks like a comedy drama. But does Saorsie even age? She looked like that from Atonement and Lovely Bones.

      i feel like a younger shia labouef would of played this part perfectly

      What a beautifull boy

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      This is funny in a very relatable way. Love how for the first time a teen comedy managed to make a relationship between a parent and a teen a little more realistic..
      That ending: Suspended? How did this happen? The video tells all. XD.
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      I can’t wait to watch this movie!!
      So this is what murphy’s brother Tom did while his father was away
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      Timothee Chalamet!!! 😍
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      i know that guy he was one of many guys in questioning to becoming THEODORE FINCH IN ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES THE MOVIE.

      Where writers live in the woods.

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      I do think this movie couldn’t have come out at a better time. The main character is basically every teenager I know of. However in a movie sense I’m not a big fan of characters who rebel, have a bohemian mind, and disrespect authority especially their parents. It’s just not relatable to me, but I think if I watch the whole movie I will grow to love her..
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      I don’t even get what she is saying but could listen for hours
      The plot itself maybe not so exciting but i think the cinematography will be great and I’m hyped for Armie Hammer
      [Edit: I was JOKING, everyone. I wasn’t even being subtle. I was parodying some of the other responses I’d read.] This was so disgusting, I had to rewind the kissing scene several times just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. I’ll be outraged if I rent this and it turns out to be a gay film..

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      She pronounced her own name right. The right one. American . . Always something is not right for them.
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      Sheldon’s mother…
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      i feel like i can somehow relate because personally me and my mom both have the same loud personality that we just can’t clique together as if there’s always something we would disagree with each other or feel like we don’t understand each other? although now that im becoming more mature, i have learned to accept my mother and love her the way she is and also respect her because she has done so many things for me throughout my life :’).
      the way she says tropical popacle is so cute
      my eggs, ESKETIT
      I saw the movie and it is really good

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      I’ve seen this movie before… Blow, Boogie Nights, War Dogs, Etc. but I’ll be damned if I ever get sick of this story line. One of these times though, maybe, just maybe, someone will make a movie about a drug dealer that knows how to keep his cool and be disciplined about moving weight. Until then we’ll just settle with the tragic ending we all see come from a mile away..

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      Saoirse, I think alot of people have a crush on you


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