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      ➝➝➝ WATCH John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City ⟵⟵⟵


      I’ve just released a new single on my channel. I know y’all hate self Promotion but I mean you really don’t have to listen to it. Only if you want to find some new music you might like. Much love <3.

      Every part of that joke was a setup to the next joke. Brilliant as always, Mulaney.

      I live in Murfreesboro. It’s always hard to explain to other people how the city is pronounced. Think Murphy’s-borough.

      I love budget Grant Gustin’s tie.

      I’m doing Mulaney’s marathon tonight! He is just OH, so funny!

      Toners are outdated and not really necessary with most modern cleaners.

      John Mulaney is incredible at metaphors XD

      Dump is a slimy dirty liar. You think you got it, but the greasy Dump gets away. Slide, greasy, Dump, slide.

      Lmao he said hi to a balloon 🤣🤣🤣
      why does Zoey look so different?

      too much tuna

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