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      05.02.2019 at 22:58 #3346

      ➞➞➞ stream~watch Itzhak ⇦⇦⇦


      Perlman ist ein Ausnahmemusiker
      En honor también de los miles y miles de refugiados que no han podido llegar a su destino….
      i have watch this for more than 20 times and every time makes me a great smile
      This tango made me cry, the masterpiece, ever!🌹

      whats the music at 0:43 ?

      Para que estas generaciones no comentamos esos errores, para que el voto sea racional en contra de lo que el populismo puede hacer, melodía que duele….


      My goosebumps escape and punch my tear ducts. Gorgeous
      This song is evidence of soul…

      Great human beings.


      Merci pour ce music émouvant

      Sanat herkes içindir ✌️✌️

      A tribut for all humans who loss there life. So sad. So beautiful.
      I’m glad to have heard this before I die.

      I can’t believe viewers have thus far given this 312 thumbs-down votes?! They’re lost people. Must be young Americans. They’re poisoned by what passes for music these days, criminal vermin spitting into microphones. They need help..
      Prachtige film ❄️❄️❄️
      55:35    the boy plays better than Perlman himself.
      Beautiful 🔥👏👏
      the string is bleeding
      It’s one of my favorites soundtrack. I’m sure as Jewish, Perlman felt more emotionally than any other music. He weeped through the music and violin.

      es la pieza que e escuchado en mi vida..
      Wow his fingers are made of gold and diamonds 👏👏👏👍
      Вот так должна быть любовь! ! ! ! ! У нас Русских -только так! ! ! ! ! ! !

      37 нелюдей без понятий о главном. 
      The player is not Perlman
      Por una cabeza, de Carlos Gardel, es una de las máximas expresiones del tango argentino.
      Grande Gustavo Dudamel, con otro grande Itzhak Perlman,Magistralmente Ejecutada.

      Schindler’s lis // La lista de Schindler’s
      Very captivating and gloomy……the potential for evil resides in all of us. 


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