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      all I want is john hamm with cheese.

      I’d really love to see Hamm in a comedy.

      Lois Smith is way overdue for awards attention. I hope this role brings some to her this season. Perhaps even an Oscar nomination! (A win seems less likely, but I’d be pleased with that much.) Looks interesting overall. Not gonna compare it to HER (2013); just enjoy it for what it is..

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      Outstanding performance, Jon! Congratulations!

      Dear New Trailer Buzz, No matter how hard you try to promote A Few Less Men, it looks TERRIBLE and no one is tempted to see it. However, if you are going to insist on feeding it to viewers, at least take down the trailer so that there’s some what of a mystery on whether or not it sucks. Warm Regards, Arené Lomax.

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      Jon as always, wasting talent! Congratulations, Jon for another great project! Many successes!
      what is the name of the music ?
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      sabes donde la puede ver completa con subtítulos ?:(
      Yo, but this looks similar to Jon Hamm’s episode of black mirror?
      Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments.
      This is before he become doc in baby driver
      Black Mirror
      looks good
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      Dying to see this but not playing anywhere near me :(
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      I wonder how many other episodes of Black Mirror are gonna be the basis for movies
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      When the premiere of the film?
      Sundance award = guaranteed Boring Movie
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      Looks heartbreaking
      Ellen DeGeneres, 60, and her wife Portia de Rossi, 45, have purchased a stunning new Beverly Hills home for a cool $15million.
      we read the play that this movie is based on in a class i took in college, though i’m not sure if the play or the black mirror episode this is similar to came out first. the play and the episode are extremely different though.
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      Rarely does a trailer trailer thrill me more than many FULL films – this was an example of where that occurred. I guess it goes without saying that I will be seeing this film :-)
      Underrated film. Great to see Tim Robins and Geena Davis both back in the cinema too.

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      Obituaries – , – Your Life Moments

      thats a horrible trailer

      Soundtrack anyone please?

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      Just watched it on Amazon. Fascinating. Never lost my attention for a second. Thumbs up!
      I will watch anything with Geena Davis. But this looks unusual too.
      could care less about this movie, just give me the mica levi score

      I usually don’t ever get emotional from movies or even laugh, but this film somehow managed to break my heart. This trailer is shit compared to how good the film actually is.
      This looks interesting but I think the premise would make a way better sci-fi thiller/horror movie… Ex Machina style, West World… or something. Jon Hamm becomes self-aware.
      what’s this trailer’s song named ?
      Vancouver, Canada
      what is the music of the Trailer ?
      Very good movie. Great concept – the deceased person hologram. Excellent acting from Davis, Smith, Robbins and Hamm. Creative and fascinating with a touch of Black Mirror to it, which makes sense given Hamm did the best Black Mirror episode ever — White Christmas..
      Is there anything in this movie that we havent already seen in black mirror?
      Thank god. Another movie about rich white people. Thank you lord!!
      Love Lois Smith. I’m going to seek out the film.
      Does not look like comedy.


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