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      Is no one going to talk about the EYELESS model of Unikitty in a movie for KIDS and FAMILY?
      They picked really good music to add to this trailer
      I am Plantie
      The LEGO Movie-Great The LEGO Batman Movie-Excelent The LEGO Ninjago Movie-Bad The LEGO Movie 2:The Second Part:Looks Awesome
      Galaxy defending raptor trainer … I got that reference 😂😂
      Unikitty is the best character ever
      what is the music at 1:53 ?
      Can not wait to see the master’s final film. He’s always been concerned with the image and try to show a truth and that often times the image you see is lying to you or not showing the actual truth of what’s in the frame by creating a narrative truth. Not a whole truth. Plus, I’ll be getting to go to Paris here very soon and see the Eifel Tower myself with my own eyes. So, there’s that. I’ll have to see if I can find that shot in the city..
      Who else wants a solo lego film with Metalbeard as the main character before he lost all of his body parts? I think it would be an interesting story. Hopefully they put a Pirates of the Carribean reference in there😁.
      I saw an early screening. Its lives up to the hype guys.
      This looks as awesome as the first Lego Movie. No pun intended
      0:39 EMMETS F A C E That’s gonna be a meme
      Why is metalbeard dancing the best thing ever? 1:59 😂
      I’m your worst nightmare! So, you’re me, when I’m late for school and I forgot my homework, and my pants are made of pudding?

      Looking good, but one complaint… Where’s Will Ferrel?!

      This was posted on the day on my birthday 🎂 😁

      0:39 top 10 saddest anime death scenes
      1:38 Jurrassic world Chris Pratt Reference
      Probably another political statement from the liberal agenda wing of Hollywood just like the first film.
      But where’s Clutch Powers?!

      I don’t get it. I don’t get the plot. I don’t get what’s going on.
      Watching this for the fiftiest time I just realised at 1:57 Batman and the Duplo figure are LITRALLY doing Hit Or Miss! Get it…? 😑😑😑😑
      Wow a second part? Man so many people are saying they’re gonna watch this movie. it’s cool how a kids movie is getting this much hype. lol I’m actually gonna watch this as soon as it comes out in theaters. Hope it’s not a let down like cars 3. 😂🙏.

      I hate to say it, I think they just implemented Social Justice into Legos
      I have very high hopes based off of these two trailers and the sets by LEGO
      Aw hell yeah another sequel that very few people asked for. Hopefully this one doesn’t suck like most do.
      0:31 Reference of Final Destination 4
      Miss me! 😊 no i did not! 👿 😆
      what about presedent beasnes
      Fun Fact: The piece of resistance from the first movie was actually the cap for the Krazy Glue!
      Es muy guapo y cráneo y amorosito y peso
      This reminds me of minecraft story mode.
      Yay! They brought back planty!
      These aren’t LEGO’s. These are the forms that the reptilians will turn us into. They created the LEGO franchise to cover it up. Keep asking questions.
      THE LEGO® MOVIE 2 FiIm ~ Recherchez des horaires, regardez des bandes-annonces, parcourez des photos, suivez votre liste de suivi et notez vos films préférés..
      Superrrrr se be uperrrrr #shilpashetty #fanforlife #letmemeetuoneday
      2:01 UNIKINGDOM
      This looks like fun! But is anyone else wondering where Lord Business is? Hope they explain what happened to him after the first movie!

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      How can sweet mayhem get thru the gate

      Kiarostami is the highest point in artistry that cinema has to offer. – Martin Scorsese / 100% agree.

      This film needs Mixels.

      Rosa Salazar as alita

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