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      STREAM Buried: Knights Templar and the Holy Grail


      omg this film. I love it.


      One of the best trailers ever made.

      crusaders were savage monsters who . killed women and children

      Who is here because of Sabaton – The last stand?
      the movie is about Norwegian freedom or having a misleading title?
      can some one tell me wher can I watch it?
      don’t watch it
      This movie, was amazing.

      Best trailer ever.
      My Brain Hurts!
      Deus Vult!
      Now TJAT is how you make a trailer !

      this is on not truth basis… muslims were great worriers …. and no any others worrier stay in front of muslims worriers…
      Is this movie funny? I’m planning to watch it.
      The text if the opening sequence was used for the German trailer of Now for something completely different
      U mofos have lost ur mind and sanity 2 think this guy is the messiah. U might as well follow David kareshs teachings or Harry Krishna if u believe this garbage.

      Watching the trailer, I was like that aint no MONK boi ! that is a PALADIN ! get your facts straight !.

      I love this trailer!! XD

      Mr. Gumby-ONCE… IN… A LIFETIME… Auditioner-Go away! Mr. Gumby-What? Auditioner-Next? Mr. Gumby (Leaving)-What’s wrong with my voice. My voice is alright, my brain is hurting..

      The fact entitled snowflake boomers got this banned for being offensive to them instantly makes it a classic

      Greatest comedy of all time

      I BUM this movie!!!
      what the actual freak is going on with this trailer. XD
      27 dislikers don’t care for Chinese food after a Monty Python film.
      Is this Burt Kwouk speaking (from the Harry Hill show and the Pink Panther)?
      I love this movie maybe a little bit too much.

      ottoman and mehmud teached them a lesson
      No release date? And this trailer is too weird

      Loving the my sky fairy can beat up your sky fairy arguments in the comments. There are no sky fairies you idiots. You’re both wrong, and very delusional..
      sng comedy brought me here

      after 2:20 assassin’s creed trailer starts
      the movie has a very sad ending War Never Changes
      It’s on Netflix… you welcome
      this movie sucks
      The movie’s terrible 10 out of 10 would watch again.
      The Herbie Rides Again dig will always get me
      so if you’re an intellectual midget… xD
      Did they film that cardboard castle gag just for the trailer?
      I wish i lived in the medieval ages in England
      Satan, do you believe i let this crime against my Children go unanswered !? gutes video Danke
      WTF?the narrator speaks Chinese?
      1:55 lol


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