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      A great trailer for a very understated movie. The depths to which the story goes, and how people were not able to appreciate it fully is mind boggling..

      This was one hardcore superman film

      As strong and fast as superman is he is no match for an angel of the lord.

      hey can u do a review superman returns? 

      Such a great trailer, such an incredible opportunity, and what a colossal failure. Shame Zack Snyder, you ruined it !

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      One of Snyder’s best films man of steel

      how can i watch man of steel

      Batman Returns is cancer in film form. 


      saw this trailer during the premier of dark knight rises. and i was actually less interested in watching the movie that time. Waited for Summer 2013. Still, at this moment, this trailer gives me chills. <3 <3.
      this was the best superman ever made hands down from the plot to the realism acting and action…. but this had me rolling i cant even lie
      yes, it is the same song ..
      Irumbu Thirai
      Epic trailer, thats what I`m talking about 
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      Movie critics are over-glorified fast food workers. The movie is really good.

      i miss you, mr snyder ;-;
      Most underrated movie of all time.
      The music in man of steel got to me? I hated the ending because it’s the end of the movie.
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      how to watching genre family man of steel watch
      How+To+Watching+Genre+Family+man of steel
      how to watching genre family man of steel
      Previous movies were too light, this later one too dark.  The previous ones were just bland, hammy, and crazy with plotholes, and the new ones, while well written, turned into an apocalyptic log.  Screw it, stick with the Justice League Superman. Forget ever finding a movie that properly sticks to format for the man in blue. .

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      blu ray even more awesome
      how to watching genre family man of steel cast.
      henry cavill was the best superman ever.he was born with a uniqueness to make that character amazing. still feeling sad for him.Henry cavill’s superman is no more😢.

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      trailception dunggg dungggg dunggg
      I still come here for the feels.. ah what a masterpiece..
      When I hear this, I imagine of a person who can’t find his true self…
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      1. Superman: Man of steel 2. Superman 2 : God among men 3. Superman 3 : Last son of krypton.

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      Best SuperHero Movie I rank
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      Why are the trailers better than the movies?
      i dont have facebook unfortunately. and surely Thor desperately trying to break out of the cage makes more sense then waiting till loki drops, might have even saved Coulson. but you get my point i dont wanna rave on, if you look hard enough there are inconsistencies and nonsensical decisions in every film. when you see Black Widow kill aliens with her glock your reaction should be hell yeah she can kick ass! not wow these aliens suck, a tiny chick with a pistol is pwning them.
      at time of the release of the trailer, the man of steel score/soundtrack hadnt been created so snyder added the lotr music …tbh pretty effective.
      Simply the single greatest superhero movie trailer there’s ever been.
      This Batman is missing from Justice League :'(
      Det er en fed film
      man of steel genre
      I’m watching it on HBO now, and to this day I can never understand how or why so many people hate it. It’s a reboot and the most successful one ever. And yes no matter which way u spin it $687 mill is a commercial success. It was masterful, everything about it was stunning and epic. This isn’t ur superman saving a cat from a tree or dorky and embarrassing Clark kent. Cavill IS superman. The best since reeve so sit back and get used to it. I loved Amy’s Lois, she was feisty and resourceful exactly how she should be and Clark and Lois maintained great chemistry without it being forced. Seriously all of the complaints are either explainable if they watch the damn movie and pay attention, or they’re nostalgic and want gee whiz Clark kent back or Gus Gorman. We finally have a badass superman who does what he has to do to save the world, so killing zod was a must. What prison would hold him? Can’t send him to the phantom zone either especially when he said he’d kill every last human. Best superman movie of all time hands down and top 5 comic book movie ever. We get to him throw a punch for once!! .
      How+To+Watching+Genre+Family+Man+of steel
      The only decent film to come out of the DC movie universe
      Free Movie Reign of the Supermen Free.
      Not the Dickbag he is in Injustice: Gods among us Lmao
      I love Man of Steel. Can’t wait for the sequal.
      How To Watching Genre Family Man of steel
      This movie was EPIC. 
      Holy crap, that is MUCH Darker than I thought…
      How+To+Watching+Genre+Family+man of steel 2
      Cinematic marvel❤🙌😭
      The monologue seems more like a mid movie monologue seems like she’s tracking him down and finding out who he is rather than wrapping up the movie

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      Every time I think of Man of Steel I think Iron Man 3 doubling what it made at the box office… Then I think I WILL FIND HIM!!!
      I like superman so much❤❤❤❤really ur there in world 😎🤔🤔🤔
      This is how we would react if Superman existed. Realistic movie.


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