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      Sometimes you may find your characters too weak to move further. You lose the fights and can’t pass the following quests. Don’t be upset, you always can boost your character’s skills and get more power for your heroes!

      There’re several different ways to improve your skills, and here you can learn how to become stronger.

      1. Upgrade Fellow

      First of all check if some of your fellows are ready to upgrade. Open Fellow menu and select Upgrade section:

      That operation requires some basic resources which are quite easy to get. Most of them can be obtained from dungeons and daily quests.
      Don’t forget to keep all your fellows in shape! You should always be prepared for a battle on Rakshasa street!

      2. Raise fellow’s star

      Maybe it’s time to star-up some of your fellow. Check Fellows menu and give a promotion to your heroes:

      In Fellows menu open Star-up tab and tap the corresponding button if available.

      3. Fellow level-up

      Your fellows are raising along with your main character, so don’t forget to keep them in shape. Tap Fellow menu and select Lv-Up tab:

      There’re three kind of meal that fellows can eat: Pancake, Rice dumpling, Silk box. Feed them to make them stronger and prepared for most dangerous battles!

      4. Faction skill

      Another way to become stronger is to join a faction and gain powerful faction skills. You can either create your own faction or choose the faction you like from faction list.
      While in the faction tap Faction skill icon to open skill menu:

      Here you can get useful improvements to your combat attributes. Learn skills and get a great bonus to your Phy power, Phy DEF, Max HP, Spell Power or Spell DEF.

      5. Narakagati

      All the Spirit Pacifiers have to follow Narakagati doctrine. It’s the special system that counts all of your achievements in the game. The more good deeds you have, the more bonuses you get.

      Tap Narakagati icon to open the doctrine menu:

      Here you can check the status of your deeds and activate rewards by boosting Narakagati. Tap “?” sign for basic instructions.

      6. Fatestone

      You can modify the base attributes of your fellow to gain more power. Tap Fatestone icon in the bottom to open Fatestone menu:

      Here you can create a Fatestone and apply it to your fellow. Combine different kinds of stone for best result. Use forge to melt the stones you don’t need.

      7. Talisman

      Raise your talisman’s skills and get a great advantage in battle. Tap Talisman icon in the bottom to open talisman menu:

      Each talisman brings you an additional skill which can be improved with special skill books. You can get books from the Store or earn them by participating in Yulin street event.
      You can also modify talisman’s attributes with special resources.

      8. Embed gem

      Gems are not only a great decorative parts of your equipment. They can empower items with great powers. So don’t forget to apply gems to each part of your and your fellows gear.
      In Equip window select Gem tab to reach embed gem menu:

      Check all of your gear and embed gems in free slots. Every gem can be upgraded up to 8 level. Tap “?” sigh for basic instructions.

      9. Enhance gear

      Don’t forget to enhance your weapon with every another level-up you get. It gives your gear a great power and raise your BR significantly.
      In Equip window select Enhance tab:

      Each gear can be enhanced up to the current level of your fellow. Each try costs some silver. You can tap Auto enhance button to boost your item to the maximum possible level.
      Tap “?” sign to learn the basic directions.

      10. Upgrade gear

      Another way to improve your gear is to raise its rank and make it more rare and powerful. Select Upgrade tab in the Equip menu:

      Each ranking-up costs a special resources, which can be obtained by participating in different in-game activities. Don’t forget to check this part and get a significant boost to your BR.

      Now you know the basic ways to keep your main character and your fellows in shape. It means that you completely prepared to join and survive the battles on Rakshasa street!

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