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      ➝➠➞ STREAM Happy Face ⇦◀⟸


      That smile do at 1:00 if I  see people when there smile looks like a cartoon animated thing like that imam pray then run out and sing CUBAIYA MY LORD

      I’ve watched it it’s very coooooooll goshhh

      dat face doe

      Smiley is so scary it’s weird how he made his mask so scary it was made out of pigskin

      I had bad dreams about this and i haven’t even watched the movie😂😂😂😂😂😂

      That’s why i never use emojis….

      @xViceroy duuuuude everything z funnier when ur stoned (wish i had some pot cuz i wanna watch the shit)

      DreamWorks: Boss Baby failed, no one can do worse! Sony Animations: Hold my beer

      Download, Happy. Face… Streaming

      Watch. Happy, Face & online! at, ultra, fast. data… transfer, rate

      Did anyone else get another “Truth or Dare” ad on this video 😂

      Didn’t pinksylist come up with smiley? Pretty sure he did.

      Munches are 1/2 the fun!
      Wreck it Ralph – Inside an Arcade Inside Out – Inside a Brain The Emoji Movie – Inside a Phone What’s next? Inside your POOPYBUTTHOLE?
      OH BOY!!! Can’t wait until the Fidget Spinner Movie!

      someone should make a .gif of her eating a dick when shes going mack town on those cupcakes..

      The 3 AM dab evil gene boss baby Durv giftcard giveaway Sernandoe fidget spinner oof danl movie
      This should be renamed to: Snapchat Effects The Movie
      Happy – Face, movie, yts
      Happy, Face… hd? OnLinE
      Happy, Face. in! hindi, download
      They should do a smiley Vs. Pennywise
      Happy, Face – moviescounter
      she ate 14 weed cup cakes 
      I just came cuz Shane was here
      I know people say it was bad but I thought it was pretty good and one of my favorite actors are in it Shane Dawson I love his YouTube channel
      WTF lol i tottaly thought it said how high are you lol mabey its cuz my brain wanted it to say that lol
      Another stoner classic.
      when i saw the Blum House logo at 00:50 i thought it said ‘Bum Hole’
      kids don’t try this at home to scary for you to play truth or dare it’s a deadly game
      If the soundtrack was 80s dance new wave and Cypress hill that would be my sister


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