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    • Laam Participant
      31.08.2018 at 19:09 #1064

      It’s always important to have enough resources to move forward. Sometimes you face the lack of different items required for improving your hero or fellows. From time to time you’ll definitely face a shortage of additional items for boosting your equipment or combat power.

      To minimize such situations and make your adventures more comfortable we introduce you a special feature — Hall of wealth! This is a special place, where you can refill your stocks and gain great items making you stronger and wealthier!

      Every day check-in.

      Wealth loves constancy. There’s a bunch of reward available every month. You can obtain some piece every single day you login. So, don’t forget to check-in once you enter the world of Rakshasa. Increase your VIP level to get more!

      Level Pack.

      Newcomers should be encouraged! You can get reward every 10 level from level 15 to level 95. Select Level Pack to open menu:

      Rewards: Silver, B-ingots, Summoning Amulets, Gem bags, Xiahou Yuan fellow, Hero fragment cases, Baptism and Refining tokens and much more!

      Expand to see detailed info:

      Lv. 15 Pack:

      Lv. 25 Pack:

      Lv. 35 Pack:

      Lv. 45 Pack:

      Lv. 55 Pack:

      Lv 65 Pack:

      Lv. 75 Pack:

      Lv. 85 Pack:

      Lv. 95 Pack:

      Combat Power Pack .

      Raise your battle rating and get rewarded! You can obtain a special pack every 5000, 25000 or 50000 points of BR you get.

      Select Combat Power Pack to open menu:

      Rewards: Silver, B-ingots, Summoning Amulets and Gem bags.

      Expand to see detailed info:

      BR 1000:

      BR 2000:

      BR 5000:

      BR 10000:

      BR 15000:

      BR 25000:

      BR 50000:

      BR 75000:

      BR 10000:

      BR 150000:

      BR 200000:

      Retrieve Resources.

      Missed a day of gameplay and feel worried of some resources you could get? Nothing to worry about! You can retrieve the rewards missed a day before. Some resources available for free, and some items can be retrieved for ingots.

      Select Retrieve Resources to open menu:

      Activate CD keys.

      Most faithful spirit holders can obtain a promotional key. Use it here and get some useful resources. Keys can be obtained from our Facebook page, game Forum or emailing.

      If you find a key, select Activate CD keys menu and enter your code:

      Visit Hall of Wealth and become stronger and mightier every day you spend in Rakshasa!

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      • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by  Laam.
    • 21925805 Participant
      22.02.2019 at 20:23 #14893

      como eu consigo esse codigo ? o jogo e bom , mais vocês nao dão nenhum suporte, queria saber se tem launcher dele e se tem o jogo em portugues?

    • 21925805 Participant
      22.02.2019 at 20:51 #14899

      Hello good afternoon! I would like to know a few things about the rakshasa game …
      1 the game has in Portuguese?
      2 Can you only play by browser?
      3 you do not have a launcher or application that we can play, the browser hangs a lot.
      4 do you also have some website to make comps, make formations … do combos, naruto type online?

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