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      STREAM , WATCH Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti


      We dont like Phedofili right!,,
      What is this video. Why is there a movie trailer with clips of our boy Bitcoin interspersed on this channel
      Jesus was on this mission.
      Paul Gauguin was a molester of underaged females and he only went to Tahiti so he could get away with ravishing young native girls while giving them syphilis..
      A movie about a STD spreading pedophile. Trash


      One of my favourite artists thankyou for film 👍🏻
      Gorgeous 👏🏼✨
      typical white foreigners.. just different time… typical perv ( from his painting) and probably a child-molester …
      It seems as if Charles Chatenay made it to tahiti
      I wonder how this is going to depict colonialism… from the trailer it looks like with rose tinted glasses
      Looks like Greg Paul in the thumbnail. Logan Pauls’ dad.
      Finally a movie that looks good. Cassel looks old, but wiser, and I see years of happiness ingrained in his face. Good guy = good movie..

      white guy finds himself among the colored natives motif. never see that. oh and probably sleeps with the native girl too. novel.

      Pretty cool trailer! I’m into it.

      What is this

      Here before this gets taken down :D

      No idea what this is about, but bewbs ☆☆☆☆☆

      👍🏿👍🏾👍 PARIS 2017

      Adding to watch later list
      A movie about a pedophile. Forget it

      Nice video ! 😄

      Aburrida a más no poder. Monótona, intrascendente,pesimista.

      Tengo un plan arthur

      first song name?

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